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Real Leadership: Netanyahu Will NOT Apologize to Turkey Over Flotilla Incident, Palmer Report To Be Released August 22

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“Israel will stick to its refusal to apologize to Turkey for killing nine of its citizens aboard a Gaza-bound ship, an official said on Wednesday, dampening any prospects for reconciliation between the former allies.

The decision, which the official said Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu conveyed to US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in a telephone call, was made days before the publication of the findings of a UN inquiry into the seizure of the Mavi Marmara last year.

The so-called Palmer report was repeatedly delayed to allow for Israeli-Turkish rapprochement talks amid concern in Washington at the rift between two countries that had been strategic partners in an increasingly stormy Middle East.

Officials, citing advance copies of the report, have said it would vindicate Israel’s blockade on the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. Turkey, which like Israel had a delegate on the UN panel headed by former New Zealand prime minister Geoffrey Palmer, has said it would not accept such a finding.

The Mavi Marmara was part of an activist flotilla bringing humanitarian aid to Gaza when it was boarded by Israeli marines on the Mediterranean high seas on May 31, 2010. The marines shot dead nine Turks, including a dual US citizen, during fierce deck brawls.

Netanyahu voiced regret over the killings. But Turkey insisted on a formal apology and compensation for those bereaved and injured, which Israel initially rejected as tantamount to admitting culpability for an action it deems self-defense.

Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan said on Wednesday it would be impossible for Turkish-Israeli ties to improve unless Jerusalem apologized and paid compensation for the killing of nine Turks.” Read more.

Flashback: Turkish Prime Minister: No Normalization With Israel Without Apology, End of Gaza Blockade – “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Saturday that his country will not normalize its relations with Israel as long as Israel does not apologize for the killing of nine Turkish pro-Palestinian activists during the takeover of the Mavi Marmara ship last year. Erdogan, who spoke at the ‘Palestinian Ambassadors’ Conference’ in Istanbul, added Israel should compensate the families of those killed and end the blockade of the Gaza Strip.” Read more.

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Gaza and the West Bank: Palestinian Authority Teaches 5-Year-Olds to Die for Allah

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By Maayana Miskin – “A Palestinian Authority kindergarten showed off what its young students had learned over the past year by having the five-year-olds act out scenes of terror and death for their families. The parents were moved to tears upon seeing their children pretend to die as ‘martyrs,’ Palestinian Media Watch reported reported.

During the graduation ceremony two plays were performed – one based on ‘Little Red Riding Hood,’ the second, ‘The Martyr’s Wedding,’ a story glorifying death in battle with Israel for the sake of Islam.

‘Another performance named ‘The Martyr’s Wedding’ delighted the audience due to the role-play of the children, whose acting depicted the reality of roadblocks, children, occupation, soldiers, and the children’s death as Martyrs,’ wrote the PA daily Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, in a report picked up and translated by Palestinian Media Watch.” Read more.

Nigeria: More Christians Hacked and Butchered to Death by Muslim Rioters

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“After a recent lull, there has been a fresh outbreak of violence in Nigeria which has resulted in the deaths of at least 15 Christians.

Last week Plateau State, of which Jos is the capital, was subjected to a series of attacks. After allegations of an animal theft, Ferom was attacked twice on 4 August with eight members of one family killed in the first attack and a further three people killed in the second. On 14th August, Muslim rioters took to the streets in north Jos and killed three Christians by machetes. The Residents of Jwol community reported an attack on Friday in which one person was killed. There was another slaughter at Hiepand leaving at least 8 dead, some with gunshot wounds.

Residents claim that the police and army were complicit in these attacks and produced a helmet, a blood-stained military belt, cartridge cases, and 5 military identity cards in evidence…

Islam spread into Nigeria from the north from the late middle ages. The north is now predominantly Muslim, while the south of Nigeria is predominantly Christian. Many fear that these attacks demonstrate a renewed effort by some Muslim extremists to make Islam the dominant religion throughout Nigeria.” Read more.

Canada: ‘Humble’ and ‘Well Respected’ Islamic Leader of Scarborough Mosque Charged With String of Sex assaults

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By Chloé Fedio and Curtis Rush – “Members of a Scarborough mosque have expressed shock and disbelief that their ‘nice’ and ‘humble’ religious leader has been charged with a string of sexual assaults.

Mohammad Masroor, the imam at the Baitul Mukarram Islamic Society on Danforth Ave., faces 13 charges involving sexual offences and death threats relating to five alleged victims.

Police said Masroor, 48, travelled the world before settling in Toronto in 2008, and believe there could be more victims, here and abroad.

Abdur Rouf Tarafdar was one of more than a dozen people who vouched for Masroor’s pious character as he left afternoon prayer on Wednesday.

‘I know him. Behind him I pray,’ he said.

Abdul Fattah Aboud, an imam at the Baitul Aman Masjid mosque a few blocks away, said the father of five used to wave as he passed by on his way to prayer.

‘Is it possible? Someone like him?’ he said. ‘He’s a very well respected person in the community.'” Read more.

Flashback: UK Epidemic – Muslim Taxi Drivers Raping British Girls & Women – “Recently a BBC announcer was sacked/fired for requesting a ‘non Asian taxi driver’ to transport her young unaccompanied 14 year old daughter. (Out of concern for her daughter’s fears/mental well being & safety) Of course, the ‘racist’ club was trotted out by the mainstream media and others to verbally bludgeon Sam Mason for having the audacity to demand an ‘English driver’. But was Sam Mason really exposing her racism or was she reacting, as any mother would, to the facts that there is a ongoing epidemic of muslim taxi driver rapes in the UK? (Note: the media prefers the more vague term ‘Asian’)” Read more.

Flashback: Norwegian Authorities Covering Up Muslim Rapes; Rapist: Women Have No Rights or Opinions in Islam – “There has been a spike in the number of rape charges in Scandinavia in recent years. It has reached near epidemic proportions in Sweden… This trend is not exclusive to Scandinavia. It is the same all over Western Europe wherever we find significant numbers of Muslim immigrants. In fact, the number of rapes committed by Muslim immigrants in Western nations is so extremely high that it is difficult to view them only as random acts of individuals. It resembles warfare. German journalist Gudrun Eussner considers this to be ‘sexuality as a weapon against disobedient and non-Muslim women, both categorized as ‘unbelievers’. Against them jihad is the duty, and what to do with women ‘conquered’ in jihad, this may be read in the Qur’an: they become slaves to be used by the victors.’” Read more.

Cracked Fukushima: Radioactive Steam Escapes Danger Zone

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“Workers at Japan’s Fukushima plant say the ground under the facility is cracking and radioactive steam is escaping through the cracks. The cooling system at the plant failed after the devastating tsunami hit Japan in March, sparking a nuclear crisis. But new evidence suggests that Fukushima reactors were doomed to cripple even before the massive wave reached them. RT’s Anissa Naouai talks to Dr. Robert Jacobs, a Professor at the Hiroshima Peace Institute.”

Flashback: Michio Kaku – ‘This Could be the World’s Record Holder for an Industrial Accident’ – “Physicist Michio Kaku on Fukushima: ‘If they have another aftershock … the accident could start all over again … In the last two weeks, everything we knew about that accident has been turned upside down. We were told three partial meltdowns, ‘don’t worry about it.’ Now we know it was 100% core-melt in all three reactors. ‘Radiation minimal that was released’. Now we know it was comparable to the radiation at Chernobyl. And as far as evacuation, ‘yeah 12 miles that’s it. You don’t have to evacuate beyond 12 miles.’ Now they find hot-spots. Four hot-spots outside the evacuation zone. 34,000 school children now have radiation badges when they go to school, down to 4 years of age! Could you imagine that, kindergarten kids with radiation badges going to school?'” Read more.

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Obamageddon: Why the U.S. Economy Is the Titanic Headed for the Iceberg

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By Wayne Allyn Root – “America is in shambles from sea to shining sea. Unemployment is at Great Depression levels. Real Estate is collapsing. The stock market is crumbling. Retail sales are vanishing. Consumer confidence is plummeting. Inflation is skyrocketing (on the products that matter- energy and food prices). And of course, our U.S. Triple A credit rating is gone for the first time in history.

America is staring at economic disaster- Obamageddon. We are the Titanic, headed straight for the iceberg. Even delusional 500 point up days on Wall Street will not change the frightening long term picture. The iceberg is straight ahead.

Obama and his socialist cabal have channeled Hoover and FDR, who turned an ordinary bust into The Great Depression with a toxic strategy of more government, more spending, more debt, more entitlements, more rules and regulations strangling business, higher minimum wages, more power to unions, higher taxes, more printing of money by Fed, and trade tariffs. This is the Obama blueprint squared.

Here’s where the story gets downright frightening. This time the results are going to be dramatically worse than 1929. This time we are facing The Greatest Depression ever. Obamageddon.

Why? Because The Great Depression had NONE of problems and obligations we are now facing.

In 1929 America was not $100 trillion in debt and unfunded liabilities.

In 1929, most of our states were not bankrupt, insolvent and dependent on the federal government to survive. Entering the last Great Depression, California was not imitating Greece.

In 1929, we had far fewer government employees living off taxpayers. Today there are over 21 million federal, state and local government employees. Today 1 out of 5 federal employees earn over $100,000. 77,000 federal employees earn more than the Governors of their states. Government employees retire at age 50 with $100,000 pensions for life. The postal service – without competition- loses $8 billion annually. Protected by their unions and the politicians they elect, government employees are bankrupting America.

In 1929, Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid didn’t exist. The federal government had no such obligations threatening to consume the entire federal budget within a few years.” Read more.

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Nepal: At Least 114 Cattle Killed As Mystery Disease Hits Makwanpur

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“MAKAWANPUR: As many as 114 cattle died of an unknown disease in the Kankada, a remote VDC of Makawanpur district within a week.

According to Sukbahadur Chepang, a local resident, a total of 11 buffaloes, 22 cows and oxen, 52 pigs and 29 goats died of the disease in Garling of the VDC by Tuesday.

Similarly, dozens of cattle fell sick due to the unknown disease in the village, said Nepal Chepang Association, Makawanpur secretary Mahesh Chepang.

The cattle get high fever, woes in saliva, and other problems at the beginning and die within 8-10 hours of their sickness.” Source.

Montana: Wildlife Officials Probe Deaths of Dozens of Deer

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“HELENA — Montana wildlife officials say dozens of white-tailed deer have been found dead or dying in northeastern Montana’s Milk River Valley and surrounding areas since the beginning of August.

Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks officials say they don’t know what’s caused the deaths, but they suspect it may be epi-zootic hemorrhagic disease.

The disease, which affects white-tailed deer, is marked by hemorrhaging, fever, and an urge to be near fresh water to cool down.

FWP spokesman Ron Selden says samples sent to a state lab to determine the cause of the deaths won’t be returned until next week.

He says the agency is asking residents’ help in learning the extent of the outbreak locations by calling the FWP office in Glasgow at 406-228-3700 when they spot an affected animal.” Source.

Season’s First Outbreak of EHD Detected in Montana – “Mature bucks are dead. Does are dead. Yearlings are dead. Today I diagnosed why one of my irrigation turnouts wasn’t flowing as it should. It was blocked by the carcass of a fawn so young it still carried its spots. We haven’t heard an official diagnosis from Fish, Wildlife & Parks, but it has all the makings of an epidemic of epizootic hemorrhagic disease, or EHD. Sometimes mistakenly called blue-tongue, the disease strikes whitetails later in the summer in years like this when the temperature spikes, and the biting black midge that carries the disease has plenty of wet habitat in which to breed. I’m curious how widespread this outbreak is. Given the hot weather and above-average rainfall this year, I’m guessing conditions are ripe for an EHD outbreak all the way down the Missouri River basin.” Read more.

US: Wall Street Targeted for Britain-Style Riots

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And the organizers of this ‘Day of Rage’ are closely tied to the founders of ACORN, a pro-Obama group who is all too familiar with ‘integrity‘ …

By Aaron Klein – “In the wake of Britain’s riots, a group of American radicals are planning a ‘Day of Rage’ targeting Wall Street and U.S. capitalism.

The upcoming protests, replete with a planned tent city in downtown Manhattan, is closely tied to the founders of ACORN and leaders of major U.S. unions, including the Service Employees International Union, or SEIU.

There are indications the protesters are training to incite violence, resist arrest and disrupt the legal system.

The protest aims to take root nationwide.

Activists are advertising on social network sites such as Facebook and Twitter for a ‘Day of Rage’ on Sept. 17 to begin with the ‘occupation’ of Wall Street and continue with protests across the nation.

Planners have their own website – – which tells protesters to ‘bring your own tent.’

The website is not specific about the purpose of the ‘Day of Rage’ other than calling for ‘integrity’ to be ‘restored to our elections.’

The site accuses corporations of using ‘money to act as the voices of millions, while individual citizens, the legitimate voters, are silenced and demoralized by the farce.’

Advertisements claim the protests at Wall Street and nationwide will be ‘non-violent.’

However, the official website provides resources, including videos and detailed written instructions, for protesters to engage in ‘civil disobedience.’

The resources provided include instructions on how to resist police arrest and disrupt court hearings.

Similar instructions are provided on the website of an affiliated organization, which calls itself ‘Occupy Wall Street’ and is also involved in planning the Sept. 17 protests.

The use of the term ‘Day of Rage’ recalls the ‘Days of Rage’ organized in the 1960s by the Weather Underground domestic terrorist organization co-founded by Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn, close associates for years of President Obama.” Read more.

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