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Russia: We May Be ‘Forced to Ultimately Take Some Decisions on Syria’, Warns Assad to Prepare for ‘Sad Fate’

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“Bashar Assad, the president of Syria, has been warned by Russia to prepare for ‘a sad fate’ if he fails to enact reform.

The warning from Russian President Dmitry Medvedev came as the United States accused the Syrian regime of killing more than 2,000 people in the five-month uprising.

In his toughest comments on Syria to date, Medvedev said that time was running out for Assad to halt a crackdown against his people, hinting that the Kremlin, a traditional ally, may support tough action against Damascus in the United Nations if the bloodshed continues. ‘People are dying there [in Syria] in large numbers, and that is causing us huge concern,’ said Medvedev. ‘Assad needs to urgently launch reforms, make peace with the opposition, restore civil order and create a modern state. If he cannot do that, a sad fate awaits him, and we will also be forced to ultimately take some decisions on Syria.'” Read more.

Turkey threatens to join international military action in Syria – “Turkey may consider cooperating with international powers in the event they decide to intervene militarily in Syria, according to a report in the Turkish ‘Hurriyet’ newspaper on Saturday. Turkey has lost its patience with Syria, according to Turkish officials, and Turkish President Abdullah Gul has issued an ultimatum to Syrian President Bashar Assad via Turkey’s Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu who visited Syria on Tuesday.” Read more.

Japan: Decrease in White Blood Cells, Headaches, Nausea in Sendai City Hospital; Hair From Patients ‘Comes Off in a Clump’

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Where is the mainstream media?  The Japanese are eating radioactive vegetableseggs, rice, beef, and who knows what else, not to mention what they’re drinking. Biologists are now saying that this disaster is much worse than they had thought, and TEPCO admits that this is going to continue for at least another decade. Expect to hear more and more about patients in Japan getting sick and dying.  And, eventually, not just in Japan either …

“Tweets from a nurse (my very good guess from her tweets) in a large hospital in Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture on August 10:

Increasing number of patients with unexplainable decrease in white blood cells, headache, nausea. They are diagnosed for existing illness and undergo treatment, but they don’t respond to the treatment at all. I’ve seen those cases in my hospital. I’m not saying they are all because of the radiation exposure, but I’m telling you what I’m seeing.

When we wash their hair, it comes off in a clump. It is really scary. The doctor says, ‘I really wonder why the white blood cell count is down…’ Doctor, don’t be so relaxed about it. There is going to be more and more people who don’t respond to treatment.

She suspects internal radiation from hospital meals, which the in-patients have no choice but eat.” Read more.

NHK Special – Japan researchers found radiation levels exceeding most contaminated zone in Chernobyl called Red Forest:

Intelligence Officials: Al Qaeda Operatives in Yemen ‘Planning Deadly Ricin Attack’ on US

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“Intelligence officials have warned Barack Obama that a dangerous regional arm of Al Qaeda is trying to produce the deadly poison ricin to use in attacks against the United States.

Al Qaeda’s affiliate in Yemen is believed to have been trying to acquire large quantities of castor beans, which contain the toxic rich protein.

It is thought the poison would be packed around small explosives which could disperse the white powdery substance on detonation.

It is so deadly that even a speck of it can kill someone if inhaled or taken into the blood stream.

The poison was used in the 1978 assassination in London of Bulgarian dissident Georgi Markov and, in 2002, police raided a facility said to be plotting its manufacture in the UK capital.

Al Qaeda intend on detonating the explosives in enclosed areas like shopping centres and airports.” Read more.

Cities Receive Funding For Anthrax Response Planning – “Five U.S. urban centers have been awarded federal funding to implement plans to have U.S. Postal Service workers disperse medical countermeasures to area residents in the event of an anthrax attack, the Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy reported on Wednesday. The Boston Public Health Commission, the Philadelphia Public Health Department, the San Diego Health and Human Services Agency and the Louisville-Jefferson County Metro Government in Kentucky have each received $50,000 from the Health and Human Services Department to carry out preparations and response drills.” Read more.

UK: Dead Baby Seal Pups Washing Ashore on Beaches in Northumberland

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“ABOUT ten seal pups have been found dead on Northumberland beaches, but officials say there is no cause for alarm.

Concerned Hadston resident Janette Govia said she has noticed an unusually high number of dead baby seals as she walks her dog along the beach at Druridge Bay and Hadston Carrs.

And she fears something is going wrong for the marine life.

‘In the last few weeks I have observed a number of very young baby seals, all dead, about ten in all,’ she said.

‘I have lived here for seven years and have never seen so many. Of course, you see the odd seal washed up, but to see so many seems strange to me.'” Read more.

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China: Thousands Riot in Southwest China Smashing and Burning Vehicles After Police Injure Female Cyclist

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“Thousands of rioters took to the streets in southwestern China, with some smashing and burning vehicles, after a city official injured a female cyclist, state news agency Xinhua reported on Friday.

The riots broke out late Thursday in Guizhou province and carried on all night, with 10 police officers wounded in the violence, the report said.

Rioters also blocked the city’s main roads using trucks, the state-run China National Radio reported on its website.

Xinhua said the riots were set off when ‘chengguan’ officials, responsible for low-level policing on China’s streets, injured a female cyclist while trying to confiscate her bicycle for illegal parking.

Chengguan officials, widely disliked in China and often accused of using excessive force against civilians, have been behind an increasing number of riots in recent years.” Read more.

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