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Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste: ‘Chaos is Useful to Militants in London’, Islamists Urge Rioters to Topple Government

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“CAIRO – Militant online forums are abuzz with calls to Muslims in Britain to launch Internet campaigns in support of the British rioters and to urge them to topple the government.

Dozens of contributors on Wednesday suggested Muslims in Britain should flood social media websites, such as Facebook and Twitter, with slogans and writings inciting the British youth to continue rioting.

One contributor says the rioters should adopt slogans similar to those used by Arab protesters during the uprisings in the Middle East this year.

‘The people want the killer of Mark Duggan punished’ is suggested — a reference to the British man whose death sparked the riots.

Another contributor says an Internet media attack is very important and that ‘chaos is useful to militants in London.'” Read more.

No Joke: Iran Calls on the British Police to ‘Exercise Restraint’ Against Violent Protesters

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The epitome of hypocrisy.  British police largely stood back initially, unable to quell the rioting, yet Iran urges ‘restraint’ and seeks ‘independent human rights organizations to investigate the killing in order to protect the civil rights and civil liberties’ of victims, notwithstanding the bloody fact that Iran — who killed scores of its own people in an effort to crush the 2009 ‘Green Revolution‘ — to this day has said nothing against Syria that is currently killing hundreds, even thousands, of protesters demanding Assad’s removal and their own civil rights.  Instead, the Iranians are bent on keeping their ally Assad in power and are even assisting his murderous killing spree against the people of Syria …

“Iran has called on the British police to exercise restraint against people protesting over the killing of a Black man in London.

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast urged the British government to order the police to stop their violent confrontation with the people, IRNA reported in the early hours of Tuesday.

Mehmanparast asked the British government to start dialogue with the protesters and to listen to their demands in order to calm the situation down.

The Iranian official also asked independent human rights organizations to investigate the killing in order to protect the civil rights and civil liberties.

The unrest began on Saturday when a few hundred people gathered outside a police station in Tottenham to protest against the fatal shooting of Mark Duggan on Thursday.

The protesters also set a bus and buildings on fire on High Road and broke many shop windows.

Turmoil is now threatening to sweep across all of Britain as the unfolding mayhem and looting has also raged the central city of Birmingham, the western city of Bristol, the northwestern city of Liverpool, and south London neighborhood of Brixton.

Police said they have arrested more than 200 people since the unrest began.” Source.

UN Report: ‘Iran caught 10 times trying to send arms to terrorists’ – Iran has been caught red-handed in 10 different attempts in recent years to transfer weaponry to terrorists throughout the Middle East, including a recent case, in April, when a shipment of advanced missiles was caught en-route to Taliban forces in Afghanistan, according to a United Nations report obtained Thursday by The Jerusalem Post. The report was submitted three weeks ago to the Security Council by a UN group of experts that monitors compliance with UN sanctions imposed on Iran. The report was leaked to the Internet and obtained by a number of leading Israeli defense analysts.” Read more.

Germany Also at Risk of Riots, Police Union Warns

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“A police union has warned that riots of the kind that have gripped Britain for the past four nights could happen in Germany. Senior politicians, however, have denied Germany is at risk of such unrest.

Rainer Wendt, head of the German Police Union (DPolG) told Wednesday’s edition of Bild that Germany shares the combustible social problems that have driven the massive riots in London and other major cities for the past four nights.

‘The riots are the result of criminal energy, contempt for the state and the social marginalisation of certain groups,’ he said.

This ‘highly explosive mix’ also existed in Germany. Particularly in large cities such as Hamburg and Berlin, ‘such flashpoints could arise out of senseless provocation, which can only be contained with great difficulty,’ he said.

Britain’s riots, which began in London on Saturday night after a 29-year-old man was shot dead by police, spread on Tuesday night to Manchester and the midlands. One man has been killed, more than 100 police have been injured and hundreds of people have been arrested in what is considered the worst civil unrest in decades.

Wendt cited the regular May 1 demonstrations in Hamburg and Berlin as examples of how similar unrest could swell up quickly.

‘Police and politicians in Germany would be similarly overstretched in the early days of such massive riots as they were in Great Britain,’ he said.

He said police needed better technical resources to monitor social networking sites and other communications methods, by which the British riots in many cases appear to have been organised.” Read more.

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US Scientists Predict Eruption of Undersea Volcano Off the Coast of Oregon

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“Scientists from Oregon and New York have been monitoring Axial Seamount, 400 kilometres out to sea, since it last erupted in 1998, and predicted it would again before 2014.

On an expedition to the area on 29 July, researchers using a remotely operated robot discovered a lava flow that was not there the year before, and began noticing that the entire area looked unfamiliar.

‘When we first arrived on the seafloor, we thought we were in the wrong place, because it looked so completely different,’ said Bill Chadwick, an Oregon State University geologist who co-authored a 2006 study that forecast another eruption by 2014.

‘We couldn’t find our markers or monitoring instruments or other distinctive features on the bottom.’

The team was using bottom pressure sensors, the same tools used to monitor the sea floor for potential tsunamis after an earthquake. A couple of their recording instruments soon turned up, and scientists determined that the eruption happened on 6 April.

The team was excited at the discovery, but cautioned that most volcanoes remain highly volatile.” Read more.

Watch video below to see eruption of an underwater volcano near Tonga in the South Pacific:

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Alaska: New Eruption Starts At Cleveland Volcano

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By Mark Dunphy – “One of Alaska’s most active volcanoes has started erupting, according to the Alaska Volcano Observatory (AVO).

The 1,730 m (5,676 ft) high Cleveland Volcano, also known as Mount Cleveland, began erupting early on Tuesday. However, the stratovolcano’s remoteness is limiting opportunities for its study, reported the AVO which is relying heavily on satellites for monitoring.

According to the AVO: ‘Without a real-time seismic network on the volcano, AVO is unable to track local earthquake activity related to volcanic unrest, provide forecasts of eruptive activity, or confirmation of explosive, ash-producing events. AVO is monitoring the volcano using satellite data as it becomes available. Such data suggests that effusive eruption of the lava dome in the summit crater is possibly continuing.’

One of the most active volcanoes in the Aleutian Arc, Cleveland has erupted at least 21 times in the last 230 years. A VEI 3 eruption in 1944 produced the arc’s only direct volcanic fatality. Most recently Mount Cleveland has erupted three times in 2009, and twice in 2010.

The volcano is primarily hazardous to aircraft; many of the flights over the north Pacific approach the vicinity of the volcano, and volcanic ash released from eruptions can damage sensitive electronic equipment and sensors.” Read more.

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Canada: Customers Fume as Gas Stations Run Dry

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By Wendy Gillis and Liam Casey – “Drivers looking to fuel up at Toronto gas stations Tuesday found the pumps dry — a phenomenon that some experts say will become more familiar in the future.

Shell stations across the GTA displayed ‘No Gas’ signs after a delay at their refinery in Sarnia caused supply shortages.

‘Customers are getting mad,’ said Damodar Madhi, an employee at the Shell station near Lake Shore Blvd. and Third St. in Etobicoke, after his station ran out of gas Tuesday morning.

His station hadn’t received a delivery since the weekend, and he had no idea when their next shipment was coming.

Gas shortages in the GTA and across the country will be the new normal, according to experts and Natural Resources Canada. Refineries across the country are pushing out gasoline at or near capacity, and without ‘new refining capacity, supply interruptions could become more frequent and increasingly difficult to manage,’ according to the Natural Resources Canada’s website.

Jeff Gabert, a Shell spokesperson, said the gas company has been experiencing a fuel shortage for the past week, leaving some stations without gas in the GTA, Sarnia and London. Their refinery in Sarnia was shut down for maintenance that lasted a week longer than expected — something that happens frequently at refineries — causing an internal shortage of fuel.

When the company turned to other suppliers in Ontario, including Esso and Suncor, they didn’t have any fuel to spare.” Read more.

LAWLESSNESS: ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’: Britain Burns, Riots Spread, Mob Mentalities Run Amok Less Than a Week After Police Shoot Criminal

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Update August 10, 2011: London riots spread to Midlands and north-west on fourth night of trouble – “Officers were fighting disturbances in Manchester and Birmingham involving hundreds of youths who set fire to shops and smashed store windows… In Birmingham, police clashed with up to 200 looters who attacked shops inside New Street station, closing off much of the city centre. Masked youths roamed the streets smashing windows and setting fire to cars. In Manchester, hundreds of masked and hooded youths gathered in Piccadilly Gardens and threw bricks at officers. A Miss Selfridge clothes shop was set alight while looters broke into a Foot Locker sports store in the Arndale Centre. Some reports said rioters were being allowed to ransack properties without police intervening. Residents claimed gangs were highly organised, with leaders warning them when to move on to avoid officers.” Read more.

Britain Burning: Police Station Firebombed as Police, Civilian Patrols Show Numbers – “The violence and arson attacks that have rattled north London since the weekend have now moved across all parts of the capital and are spreading on a smaller scale to other British cities, the first time the recent unrest has flared outside the U.K.’s capital.

The wave of rioting now entering its third day was sparked by the shooting death of 29-year-old Mark Duggan in the Tottenham section of North London on Thursday. Police have said the man had shot at them first. Angry protesters demonstrated against the fatal shooting in the multi-ethnic neighborhood on Saturday, and the march soon degenerated into chaos.

After spreading across London Monday, violence soon ignited in the British cities of Birmingham, Bristol and Liverpool.

As buildings, vehicles and garbage dumps were being set ablaze, many sections of London have descended into chaos — an unsettling sight less than a year before the 2012 Olympics take over the capital. Two hundred Olympic officials arrive in London on Tuesday for a planned review of 2012 games preparations.” Read more.

Police warn they could use plastic bullets to quell riots tonight as Cameron orders 16,000 officers to regain control of the capital – “Police today admitted they were prepared to use plastic bullets against rioters if a fourth night of lawlessness sees gangs of youths marauding across London and looting businesses. With an ‘unprecedented’ 16,000 police officers due on the streets of London tonight, answers were today being demanded over the failure of police to bring last night’s riots under control. Just hours after David Cameron warned rioters they would face the ‘full force of the law’ shops were boarding up their windows across the capital amid fears of more violence across the capital. Businesses, pubs, schools and even medical centres were sending staff home early.” Read more.

Forced to strip naked in the street: Shocking scenes as rioters steal clothes and rifle through bags as people make their way home – “This is the shocking moment a young man is apparently forced to hand over all of his clothes after appearing to be stripped naked during lawless riots overnight. Internet rumours last night claimed that on top of the widespread destruction across London and Birmingham, people were having their clothes removed by looters as police attempted to contain the criminality. Reports on Twitter claimed some people were being stripped, while another shocking video shows a bleeding teenager being robbed in broad daylight by lawless thugs who pretend to help him to his feet.” Read more.

Japan: Study Says Nuclear Fuel at Fukushima Reactor Possibly Melted Twice

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“TOKYO (Kyodo) — Fuel inside one of the reactors at the crippled nuclear complex in Fukushima Prefecture, which was believed to have been kept cool at the bottom of the pressure vessel after its core suffered a meltdown, has possibly breached the vessel after melting again at the bottom of the vessel, an expert’s study showed Monday.

The study by Fumiya Tanabe, an expert in nuclear safety, said most of the fuel at the No. 3 reactor may have fallen into the containment vessel underneath, and if so, the current method used to cool the reactor would need reviewing, which could force the plant operator to revise its schedule to contain the five-month-old disaster.

The plant operator, Tokyo Electric Power Co. earlier said the Nos. 1 to 3 reactors’ cores are assumed to have suffered meltdowns, although the melted fuel is believed to be kept cool and solidified at the bottom of each reactor pressure vessel after water was injected into the vessel as an emergency measure.

After analyzing data made public by the operator, known as TEPCO, Tanabe argues that it became difficult to inject coolant water into the reactor’s pressure vessel after pressure rose inside it from the early hours of March 21.” Read more.

Flashback: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor No. 3 Using Controversial, and Dangerous, MOX Fuel – “Of particular interest here is the fact that MOX is a highly controversial fuel. In a 1997 letter written to then President Bill Clinton, 171 organizations joined together requesting that the President prohibit the use of MOX plutonium fuel in commercial nuclear reactors. Not only was this type of fuel ‘experimental’ at the time the letter was written, it was also more easily utilized into weapons-grade material and ‘increased reactor hazards’ due to technical issues inherent with this type of fuel. ‘Plutonium in the system makes more — and more dangerous — types of radioactivity. This affects the discharges to air and water, and all waste types. Plutonium also affects the fission process itself, making it more difficult to control and leaving an even narrower margin for human error, as well as affecting the physical integrity of the reactor itself.'” Read more.

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The Jihad Against the Armenian, Assyrian, and Greek Christians

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And let’s not forget the jihad against history itself …

By Janet Levy – “In Germany, where Holocaust denial is punishable by up to five years in prison, Stuttgart University recently capitulated to pressure from resident Turkish Muslims and canceled an event entitled, ‘Persecution, Expulsion and Annihilation of Christians in the Ottoman Empire 1912-1922.’ Ironically, this occurred in a country that was forced to confront its own genocidal past, educate its population and pay restitution to victims. University officials explained that they wanted to ‘remain neutral’ on the subject of the nearly 100-year-old, well-documented Turkish massacre of more than two million Christians. Citing neutrality in the face of crimes against humanity is deeply troubling, particularly in light of Germany’s Holocaust past and the missed opportunity the event represented to educate students about genocide and potentially prevent its recurrence.

Equally troubling is Turkey’s continued denial and banning of information about these crimes, not only within its own borders, but, as exemplified in Germany, within other countries as well. In contrast to Germany where laws since the end of World War II seek to prevent a Holocaust from ever happening again, the Turkish government under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code, passed in 2005, makes it a crime punishable by up to two years imprisonment to insult the Turkish state. This provision prevents any public commemoration or consideration of the Turkish Muslim atrocities committed against Ottoman Christians.

This silencing and strong-arming of other nations by a country that is majority Muslim represents Islamization embedded within a national policy of Turkification. Turkey’s past aggression, labeled the ‘Armenian Genocide,’ follows the Islamization pattern that exists today: annihilation of all non-Muslims, no matter their religion, ethnicity or national origin. It was a jihad against Anatolian Christians. Further, Turkey destroyed genocide documentation, many of its killers went unpunished, restitution was never paid to victims and the perpetrators are eponymously commemorated in the naming of landmarks, cities and streets. Tragically, Hitler was inspired by the Turkish extermination of Armenian Christians and justified his ‘Final Solution’ with a statement that ‘no one remembers the Armenian Genocide.’

In fact, the world does remember but is held at bay because of continued denial of historical truths, insistence on the Islamic point of view and political pressure to silence others with opposing views, prevalent throughout the Muslim world today on other fronts and continuing today in the jihad against the Anatolian Christians.” Read more.

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