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Arab Spring: Democracy or Caliphate?

Seems that every passing day there is an ever increasing wave of support for the reestablishment of the Islamic Caliphate.  Here is an article from Pakistan on July 3rd, 2011 that instead of being from the perspective of one looking in, it is rather from the perspective of one looking out …

By Syed Shariq – “… The extent of the malaise in the Muslim world requires a comprehensive change, not just a change of faces. Replacing Ben Ali in Tunisia or Mubarak in Egypt with those who worked with, supported, or even legitimised their regimes is no solution. Democracy is not the solution either. Pakistan and Sudan are democracies after all, and are no better than an Egypt or Tunisia. What is required is a comprehensive change at the level of the regime and system.

This is what the people want. The emphatic slogan of the uprisings was unequivocal: The people want the downfall of the regime; not the President, but the entire regime. This is, of course, the type of change Western governments do not want. They have been working hard to hijack the uprisings and to get away with mere cosmetic changes. Undoubtedly, their role in the uprisings has been intrusive, exploitative and hypocritical. In this regard, the West continues to doublespeak.

The propaganda is also persistent. If one were to go by the coverage of the mainstream media or the pronouncements of Western leaders, one would think that people of the Middle East and North Africa have finally seen the ‘light’ of the Western way of life, and are calling for liberal democracy. This could not be further from the truth. Being subject to decades of Western imperialism, Muslims have an intimate appreciation of what Western ideology has to offer, and they reject it outright. Instead, keeping the historical context in mind, it is clear to any impartial observer that it is the Islamic revival that gathers steam and the Muslims want change on the basis of Islam. The proof of this has been furnished elsewhere. And so they should. It is not the European model of the secular nation-state that represents the values, beliefs and history of the Muslim world; it is the Islamic model of the Caliphate.

The Caliphate, far from being a threat to the world that some would have us believe, would be a source of progress. For one, it will fill the political and leadership vacuum in the Muslim world and, thereby, would be a source of stability, and, in turn, progress and prosperity. A stable Muslim world means a much more stable and peaceful world. Two, the Caliphate would offer a new intellectual and political leadership to rival, and break USA’s monopoly as the sole superpower, whose foreign policy has wreaked much havoc on the world. Surely, advocates of liberalism cannot argue against competition?

Many in the West will disagree with our arguments…” Read more.

Disagree?  Well, we’ve read the end of the Book Mr. Shariq, and we know how this story ends

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