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Somalia: Islamist Group Bans Samosas After Deciding They’re Too ‘Christian’ Because …

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Apparently triangles are not halal in Somalia.  These exceptionally deep-thinking Islamists would rather see children starve to death than see them eat a three-sided snack food.  It might remind somebody of the Trinity.  Finally, I understand my addiction to Doritos.  And thank goodness it never snows in Somalia, otherwise Jack Handey bin Laden would have to issue a fatwa against Jack Frost bin Chillin, and we’d never enjoy a White Christmas ever again …

“Somalia’s al-Shabaab group has banned samosas after ruling the popular snacks are ‘offensive’ and too Christian.

Militant Islamist fighters last week used vehicles mounted with loudspeakers to announce the bizarre ruling across the regions of the war-torn country it controls.

The extremist group has offered no official explanation for the ban on the triangular snacks, which are commonly cooked up and served across the Horn of Africa.

The bizarre ban comes just days after militants linked to Al-Qaida in Somalia refused to let some aid workers into the country as tens of thousands suffered in the nation’s massive famine.

Aid groups including the UN Food Programme say they were not given permission by militants to provide aid in the country, where it has been warned that 800,000 children could die from starvation.

It is now thought islamist militants have taken offence at the three-sided samosa’s supposed resemblance to symbol of the Christian Holy Trinity.” Read more.


Pakistan: Man Guns Down His Six Daughters in Mass Honor Killing and ‘Would Do It All Over Again’ If He Had To

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Matthew 24:12, “And because iniquity shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold.”

Pakistan Tribune – “FAISALABAD: A man gunned down six of his daughters on suspicion that two of them were in relationships with boys in the neighbourhood.

On Tuesday morning, Arif Mubashir called his teenage daughters to his room and shot them while the rest of the family, including their mother, watched. His wife Musarrat called the police after the incident.

Mubashir shot the girls after their brother said two of them were in a relationship. He told police officials that he had killed his daughters because they were both ‘without honour’. The man said his daughters Sameena, 14, and Razia, 16, were in a relationship with college boys from the neighbourhood and the sisters had helped each other. ‘I should have been told immediately but the girls sided with each other. They were both corrupt,’ Mubashir told Tandlianwala Police Inspector Javed Sial.

Police officials have taken Mubashir into custody and filed a case against him. ‘He does not regret what he did. He boasted that he would do it all over again if he had to,’ Sial told reporters.” Read more.

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Uganda: Thousands Face Starvation As Poor Rains Affect Harvest

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“Several districts in Uganda will need urgent relief aid to mitigate the risk of starvation following poor rains that have affected this year’s harvest, the Minister for Disaster Preparedness warned.

Most of the affected districts are in Karamoja where the situation was particularly unique because crop failure and a prolonged drought had aggravated the region’s food crisis, Musa Ecweru said.

‘Arrangements are under way by government to deliver enriched food supplements to help feed close to 2,000 severely malnourished children in that region,’ the minister told IRIN on 26 July.

Fifteen districts have been tagged a red-zone area (at risk of starvation if there is no urgent relief intervention) by the government, including Moroto, Napak, Kotido, Amudat, Kaabong, Nakapiripirit, Abim (all in Karamoja), Amuria, Katakwi, Adjumani, Arua, Koboko, Moyo, Yumbe and Bulambuli.

Karamoja has the lowest levels of human development in Uganda. Only 30 percent of the people have access to safe water; only 11 percent are literate and nearly 80 percent experience some degree of food insecurity, according to UN data.” Read more.

Japan: Radioactive Eggs 47 KM from Fukushima Measuring 60 Becquerels/Kg of Cesium

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“A chicken farmer in Kawamata-machi in Fukushima Prefecture has brought his eggs to a volunteer testing station in Fukushima City. After 20 minutes of testing, 60 becquerels/kg of radioactive cesium is detected from the eggs.

Disappointed, the farmer says, ‘I don’t know what to say to my customers. It’s much lower than the provisional safety limit in Japan, but if I compare the number to the safety limit in Ukraine it is extraordinary…’

The reporter asks the farmer, “What is the safety limit in Ukraine?”

6 becquerels/kg, he tells the reporter.

The man who runs the station says, ‘For these farmers, the provisional safety limit in Japan is just too loose.’

Kawamata-machi is 47 kilometers northwest of Fukushima I Nuke Plant.

The Japanese government’s mishandling and concealing the radioactive fallout information has resulted in radioactive water, vegetables, fish, mushroom, beef, hay, pork, manure, compost, and now eggs. And the farmers like this chicken farmer who clearly wants to sell only ‘safe’ eggs to his customers are at a loss. To the chicken farmer, 60 becquerels/kg was just too high to sell his eggs in good conscience.” Source.

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Evidence Found for Undiscovered Comet That May Threaten Earth, ‘We Don’t Know Whether the Comet Has Already Passed Us By or Is Still On Approach’

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By Mike Wall – “A surprise meteor shower spotted in February was likely caused by cosmic “bread crumbs” dropped by an undiscovered comet that could potentially pose a threat to Earth, astronomers announced today (July 27).

The tiny meteoroids that streaked through Earth’s atmosphere for a few hours on Feb. 4 represent a previously unknown meteor shower, researchers said. The “shooting stars” arrived from the direction of the star Eta Draconis, so the shower is called the February Eta Draconids, or FEDs for short.

The bits of debris appear to have been shed by a long-period comet. Long-period comets whiz by the sun very infrequently, so it’s tough to predict when they last cruised through our neck of the woods — and when they’ll come back, researchers said.

That uncertainty is cause for some concern in this case, they added.

‘If the meteoroids can hit us, so can the comet,’ said FEDs discoverer Peter Jenniskens, of the SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Institute and NASA’s Ames Research Center. ‘We don’t know whether the comet has already passed us by or is still on approach.'” Read more.

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Investors: The $1 Billion Armageddon Trade Placed Against The United States

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By Jack Barnes – “Someone dropped a bomb on the bond market Thursday – a $1 billion Armageddon trade betting the United States will lose its AAA credit rating.

In one moment, an invisible trader placed a single trade that moved the most liquid debt market in the world.

The massive trade wasn’t placed in bonds themselves; it was placed in the futures market.

The trade was for block trades of 5,370 10-year Treasury futures executed at 124-03 and 3,100 Treasury bond futures executed at 125-01.

The value of the trade was about $850 million dollars. In simple terms, if that was a direct bond buy, no one would be talking about it.

However, with the use of futures, you have to have margin capacity behind the trade. That means with a single push of a button someone was willing to commit more than $1 billion of real capital to this trade with expectations of a 10-to-1 return ratio.

You only do this if you see an edge.

This means someone is confident that the United States is either going to default or is going to lose its AAA rating. That someone is willing to bet the proverbial farm that U.S. interest rates will be going up.” Read more.

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Norwegian Intelligence: No Evidence Found Linking Anders Breivik With ‘Far-Right Extremists’ in Norway or Elsewhere

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“Norwegian domestic intelligence chief Janne Kristiansen has told the BBC no evidence has so far been found linking Anders Behring Breivik with far-right extremists in Norway or elsewhere.

Mr Breivik admits Friday’s bomb and gun attacks that killed at least 76 people.

He says he is part of a wider movement and has written about UK contacts.

But Ms Kristiansen said she thought he had acted completely on his own. She also cast doubt on suggestions by Mr Breivik’s lawyer that he was insane…

Ms Kristiansen, who heads Norway’s Police Security Service, told the BBC: ‘We don’t have indications that he has been part of a broader movement or that he has been in connection with other cells or that there are other cells.'” Read more.


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