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Louisiana: Neighbourhood Lake in Prairieville Full of Dead Fish

By Kelsey Davis – “PRAIRIEVILLE, LA (WAFB) – Hot weather is causing trouble for a Prairieville neighborhood. However, it’s not just the heat causing trouble. People there are dealing with a lake, full of dead fish.

About 15 houses surround the lake in the Cypress Lake subdivision in Prairieville.

The residents like to fish and swim in the water, but a bunch of belly-up fish has put a stop to water fun for now.

Fish kills are pretty common in south Louisiana. Wildlife and Fisheries agents said high temperatures and shallow waters cause oxygen to evaporate from water, basically suffocating the fish.

The sight of a bunch of dead fish can be alarming though. One woman said she’s lived on the lake for 12 years, and hasn’t seen anything like this.” Read more.

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