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Keeping Them Honest: CNN’s Anderson Cooper is a Fraud

By Joel Richardson – “A few months ago, after appearing on the Glenn Beck show, I was admittedly a bit amused to watch the fallout unfold as the left-wing media from George Soros’ Media Matters to MSNBC’s Fonzie-esque Rachel Maddow dedicated their efforts to attack me.

I’ve never had a shred of confidence in such leftist media outlets, but I have to admit I was still quite shocked at the shamelessness with which these so-called reporters purposefully lie to their audiences.

For most observers of the daily news cycle, this is all simply par for the course. But until you yourself have been personally attacked and lied about in the national media, it’s hard to truly grasp how outright evil some of these people really are.

As far as the attacks against myself, I’ve never felt the need to respond. But when CNN’s Anderson Cooper and Drew Griffin aired an outright hatchet-job against my friend, Walid Shoebat, I knew I had to speak up.

To keep it simple, there were three primary accusations leveled against Walid, and all were completely bogus.

First, Cooper and Griffin made great efforts to infer that Walid was not actually using his foundation’s monies to help rescue persecuted Christians, as he claims. Both reporters concluded their show by whining that neither Walid nor his manager would reveal exactly how their monies were spent for this cause. When asked about this, Walid rightly responded by saying, ‘It’s none of your business.’

I would have said the same thing. These ‘gotcha’ reporters have proven themselves to be entirely unworthy of compliance. Griffin specifically was exposed by Bill O’Reilly as blatantly lying about Sarah Palin. And so, as the proverb of Jesus says, ‘Do not cast your pearls to the swine.'” Read more.

CNN SMEAR CAMPAIGN—THE MISSING FACTS: What Anderson Cooper did not know – “Anderson Cooper on CNN interviewed his investigative reporter Andrew Griffin regarding the credibility of Walid Shoebat advising Homeland Security. But what Anderson Cooper did not know during this interview were THE FACTS:

LIE #1: In Mr. Griffin’s article he wrote: ‘Neither Shoebat nor his business partner provided any proof of Shoebat’s involvement in terrorism, despite repeated requests’.

FACT: There were no repeated requests. What is damaging to CNN’s credibility is that we have all the email exchanges to prove that every request was answered and The Shoebat Foundation did respond to all of CNN’s emails and was even offered several documents including credible witnesses to validate Mr. Shoebat’s account…” Read more.

Update July 21st: CNN’s Lies and Bias Exposed …

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  1. 07/23/2011 at 1:35 AM

    Wow…its like everybody is going after Walid Shoebat–almost as if there is a ‘behind the scenes puppet master’ directing his minions…




  2. ICA
    07/23/2011 at 9:56 AM

    Walid must obviously be doing something right to receive this kind of attention:

    Matthew 5:11, “Blessed are you when they revile and persecute you, and say all kinds of evil against you falsely for My sake.”


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