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UK: Muslim Cab Driver Decries Jews as ‘Animals’, Screams ‘All Jewish Children Must Die’ in Front of Jewish School

Here’s a man who acts like a raging rabid animal wishing for the death of all Jewish children, and in the same breath has the gall and pomposity to turn around and denigrate all Jewish people as ‘animals’ who shouldn’t be allowed in the same country that he himself immigrated to.  While he is calling for the death of Jews and for the denial of human rights for these ‘non-humans’, heaven forbid if we dare begin to question his own.  Yet by giving him nothing but a mere slap on the wrist the courts continue to demonstrate that they tolerate this vile hatred, and reinforce in the minds of all anti-semites the belief that spewing hatred such as this will never lead to any serious repercussions whatsoever.  If calling for the death of children doesn’t constitute an immediate need to begin the process of this man’s deportation, I’d hate to imagine what would …

“A taxi driver ranted racial abuse outside a Jewish school after getting stuck in a traffic jam.

Taha Osman shrieked ‘All Jewish children must die!’ after his car was hemmed in by parents picking up pupils outside King David School in Crumpsall.

Two mums on the school run and a teaching assistant were singled out in a foul-mouthed and ‘frightening’ tirade witnessed by kids, Manchester Crown Court heard.

Osman – an Iraqi Kurd who has settled in Britain – also shouted that Jewish people were ‘animals’ who ‘should not be allowed in this country’.

The 36-year-old denied causing religiously aggravated harassment, alarm or distress in a trial, but was found guilty by the jury.

Sentencing him to a community order, Judge David Stockdale QC said it was a ‘particularly nasty offence’ – but did not warrant a jail sentence.” Read more.

Flashback: Islamic Schools in Britain teach students that Jews are ‘transformed from pigs and apes’ – “LONDON – Islamic schools in Britain are teaching anti-Semitic material to high school students, some of whom have been exposed to extremist preachers and Islamist groups, a BBC documentary revealed on Monday evening. According to its flagship documentary program Panorama, around 5,000 Muslim children are being educated from a Saudi Arabian textbook that teaches them that Jews are transformed from pigs and apes, and asks them to list the ‘reprehensible’ qualities of Jews. Another says that Zionists want to establish world domination for Jews, a charge levelled in the anti-Semitic Protocols of the Elders of Zion.” Read more.

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