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Biologists: Conditions at Fukushima Are Much Worse Than They Had Thought

Chief Nuclear Engineer A. Gundersen: “The Japanese announced that it’s gonna be 10 years before they begin — begin — to remove those cores from the bottom of the containment.  There’s no technology right now to remove them.  Remember, they’ve melted through the nuclear reactor and they’re lying on the floor of the nuclear containment.   Now, at Three Mile Island they had melted on to the bottom of the reactor, but not through the reactor.  So this is brand new.  And, you know, it’s sort of like trying to peel an egg off the bottom of a frying pan.  If it’s cooked too long it’s a very, very complicated and difficult process and that’s what we’re facing at Fukushima in the long-term cleanup.  So in the meantime there’ll be an awful lot of liquid radioactive waste that will have to be processed for 10 or perhaps 20 years…

Some friends of mine are biologists that had worked at Chernobyl and went to Japan to do some scientific work over there.  They went anticipating things were gonna be bad.  I got a call this week from them and they said, ‘You know, things are really, really bad.’  So these are hardened scientists who are used to dealing with radiation, and they believe that conditions at Fukushima are much worse than they had thought…”

Report: Japan to name new Fukushima ‘hot spots’ – “The Japanese government will announce new “hot spots” recommended for evacuation near the crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant possibly “within the next couple of days,” Kyodo News reported Thursday, citing Chief Cabinet Secretary Yukio Edano. Late last month, for the first time since the nuclear crisis was triggered by the March earthquake and tsunami, the government designated about 100 households in the city of Date in Fukushima Prefecture as being located in the so-called hot spots, where radiation levels are sporadically higher than other locations nearby.” Read more.

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