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TEPCO: Removal of Melted Nuclear Fuel Rods at Fukushima May BEGIN in 10 Years IF Technology is Invented to Do It …

… and if another catastrophic earthquake doesn’t sink Japan into the Pacific first.  So to all the Einsteins and Edisons, put your thinking caps on …

“A roadmap toward decommissioning of the damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant indicates that the removal of melted nuclear fuel rods at the plant may begin in 10 years.

NHK has obtained the mid- and long-term roadmap which was presented when officials from the operator of the Fukushima plant, government officials in charge of nuclear safety, and manufacturers of nuclear reactors met last week.

The draft roadmap drawn up by the government’s Nuclear Safety Commission and Tokyo Electric Power Company says they tentatively set a target date to begin removing fuel rods that melted and fell to the bottom of the reactor.

The work is considered to be the most important phase in the decommissioning process. The roadmap indicates that removal will start in 2021 if technology essential for the work has been developed before that.”  Read more.

Ten Workers Enter Reactor 3 For 9 Minutes and Get 5.3 Millisieverts of Radiation – “6 TEPCO employees and 4 TEPCO affiliate company employees went to the reactor building of the Reactor 3 on July 8 afternoon. 2 TEPCO employees entered the building, measured the radiation at the location where the nitrogen injection hose would be installed (55 millisieverts/hour), and put a temporary coupler on the metal pipe that would be used for nitrogen injection. For that 9-minute job, they received 5.34 millisieverts radiation.” Read more.

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