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Muslims Down Under Go Over-The-Top, Burn More Bridges with Plan to Expand Offensive Anti-Christian Signs to Other Cities

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Another Sharia creep tactic intended to deceive those who are not fully grounded in the faith that was delivered to the saints. Sure, the Jesus-is-a-prophet-of-Islam proponents will say that Jesus is the Christ, but will then preach another gospel and another Jesus that is completely different from the historical Christian faith.  Not only are they coming in Christ’s name — the Prince of Peace — by claiming that Jesus is a prophet of Islam and by claiming itself to be the ‘religion of peace‘, they also claim that Jesus was not God who came in the flesh, that Jesus was not the unique Son of God, that Jesus did not die on the cross and was resurrected, and that Jesus is not the Savior of humanity because someone else is.  They deny the very foundation upon which Christianity stands. But do not believe the lie:

2 John 1:7, “For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh. Such a one is the deceiver and the antichrist.”

Galatians 1:9, “As we have already said, so now I say again: If anybody is preaching to you a gospel other than what you accepted, let him be eternally condemned!”

Matthew 24:5, “For many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and will deceive many.”

By David Nankervis – “CONTROVERSIAL billboards proclaiming Jesus is a prophet of Islam will be rolled out in Adelaide.

The signs are part of a campaign claiming to promote religious tolerance.

The campaign will feature provocative ads saying Jesus a Prophet of Islam and will appear on billboards and public transport buses, Islamic group Mypeace says.

The campaign was launched in Sydney six weeks ago amid much controversy, with two billboards later vandalised and a Christian group countering the public statement with its own billboard campaign at a cost of $25,000.

The Mypeace advertisements – which included a contact number for information about Islam and offers of a free copy of the Koran – were displayed on four billboards and 40 buses and resulted in 65 complaints to the Advertising Standards Bureau.

But following the bureau’s dismissal of the complaints last week, Mypeace founder Diaa Mohamed said he would start an advertising campaign in Adelaide “within the next few weeks”.

‘There will probably be a couple of billboards but we are not sure about how many buses,’ he said.

‘We want to create greater tolerance and understanding of Muslims, it’s about building bridges.'” Read more.

Update: Houston National Cemetery to Veterans: The Word ‘God,’ ‘Jesus’ are Offensive, No Longer Allowed

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You can contact the Houston National Cemetery by calling (281) 447-8686.  Let your voice be heard loud and clear.  For those in the area, please also take the time to join the July 4th rally being planned at the Houston National Cemetery between 10:00 and 11:00 am.  Celebrate your Independence Day by standing up for freedom …

“The Houston National Cemetery has told veterans and volunteers alike that they can no longer use the word ‘God,’ ‘God bless,’ or ‘Jesus’ at any and all funerals or condolence cards. The word has been deemed ‘offensive.’

That is according to local volunteer and veterans groups that work at the cemetery. They are now suing the Cemetery in federal court so that they can use the word God.

To cite one specific example given in the suit, the director of the cemetery, Arleen Ocasio commanded volunteers never to use “God bless you” and “God bless” ever again at the cemetery.

Cheryl Whitfield, founder of Houston National Memorial Ladies, could not simply stand by. ‘I could’ve kept my mouth shut and let things happen, but when it comes to standing up for your belief in God and giving comfort to the families, I don’t want to regret not saying anything,’ she said. ‘We all had to stand up for what we believe in.’

Specifically, the suit brought against the cemetery and the Department of Veterans Affairs states that there has been ‘a widespread and consistent practice of discriminating against private religious speech.'” Read more.

Local coalition of pastors calls on Texas Congressional Delegation to demand removal of Houston National Cemetery Director – “Houston, TX – A greater Houston coalition of pastors representing a broad ethnic and denominational spectrum is planning an event on the 4th of July to call for the removal of Arleen Ocasio, director of the National Cemetery in Houston. Ocasio ignited controversy prior to Memorial Day by attempting to censor a pastor’s prayer, and has issued a general policy prohibiting reference to God or Jesus as well as other prohibitions of religious expression at the cemetery.

Pastor Willie Davis of Houston, an Army Special Forces veteran himself, stated on behalf of Houston Area Pastor Council that Ocasio’s actions are offensive in every possibly way and should result in her termination. ‘We concur wholeheartedly with Congressman Ted Poe’s call for her dismissal for these egregious attacks on the sacred right of expressing religious faith on the hallowed ground of our National Cemetery on behalf of those who died to protect that right,’ Pastor Davis declared. ‘There can be no better way to spend a few minutes on Independence Day than to stand together as a community at the National Cemetery and make our voices heard.'” Read more.

Update July 4, 2011:  More than 1,000 attend rally at Houston National Cemetery to call for director’s firing – “HOUSTON—More than a 1,000 people showed up for a rally held Monday to call for the firing of the director of the Houston National Cemetery. Veterans and clergy were expected to show up to the rally, which started at 10 a.m. at the cemetery. The event, organized by the Houston Area Pastor Council, came days after at least two members of Congress called for the termination of Arleen Ocasio amid allegations of religious censorship.” Read more.

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Cancer Expert on Fukushima: ‘I Just Cannot Feel Any Hope for Japan’s Future’

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By Matthew Penney – “Japan’s leading business journal Toyo Keizai has published an article by Hokkaido Cancer Center director Nishio Masamichi, a radiation treatment specialist. The piece, entitled ‘The Problem of Radiation Exposure Countermeasures for the Fukushima Nuclear Accident: Concerns for the Present Situation’, was published on June 27 and is consistent with the critical coverage of the Fukushima crisis that has appeared in independent weekly magazines, notably Shukan Kinyobi, which have taken a strong anti-nuclear stance since the March 11 earthquake-tsunami-meltdown, and have repeatedly focused on the dangers of radiation exposure while calling for far-reaching measures to protect those at risk.

Nishio begins by asserting that the Fukushima crisis has caused Japan’s ‘myth of nuclear safety’ to crumble. He has ‘grave concern’ for the public health effects of the ongoing radiation leak.

Nishio originally called for ‘calm’ in the days after the accident. Now, he argues, that as the gravity of the situation at the plant has become more clear, the specter of long-term radiation exposure must be reckoned with.

Lamenting the poor state of public knowledge of radiation, Nishio writes, ‘Japan, with its history of having suffered radiation exposure from the atomic bombs, should have the most [direct] knowledge of radiation, but in fact, in the approach to the nuclear accident, has simply fallen into confusion.’ He places blame on a number of groups:

  • TEPCO executives, who he accuses of having hidden the truth and prioritized the survival of the company over public health.
  • Bureaucrats who were unable to put together an accurate body of information about radiation effects from which to formulate policy.
  • A prime minister and cabinet lacking both leadership and an appropriate sense of urgency.
  • Politicians who sought to use the crisis in intra- or inter-party struggles.
  • Nuclear industry lobbyists and ‘academic flunkies’ (goyo gakusha) of the government who built up the myth of nuclear safety in the first place.

Looking at these groups, he writes, ‘I just cannot feel any hope for Japan’s future. These circumstances are simply tragic.'” Read more.

Radiation Expert Predicts More Threats from Fukushima – “A former nuclear adviser to Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan blasted the government’s handling of the crisis, and predicted more revelations of radiation threats to the public in the coming months. In his first media interview since resigning his post in protest in April, Toshiso Kosako, one of the country’s leading experts on radiation safety, said Mr. Kan’s government has been slow to test for dangers in the sea and to fish, and has understated certain radiation threats to minimize clean-up costs.” Read more.

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Outbreak of Clostridium Difficile Kills 16 People in Ontario’s Niagara Region

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“Another patient linked to a C. difficile outbreak in Ontario’s Niagara Region has died, bringing the total number of deaths in recent weeks to 16.

The deaths have been reported at three hospitals in the region in recent weeks: four at the Greater Niagara General Hospital, 10 at St. Catharines General Hospital and two at the Welland Hospital.

‘We truly recognize the loss that the family and friends of this patient are experiencing and on behalf of our staff and physicians we extend our sincere condolences,’ Dr. Joanna Hope, interim chief of staff for the Niagara Health System, said in a release Monday acknowledging the death of the 10th patient at St. Catharines General.

‘” Read more.

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I Stand with Pamela Geller

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Pamela Geller over on Atlas Shrugs doesn’t mince words and isn’t afraid to stand up against creeping anti-freedom Islamists and against antisemitism, no matter where it exists.  It came to light recently that there were elements within the English Defense League that were exhibiting some antisemitic sentiments, and Pamela Geller drew attention to it and had since received much flak for pointing out a few ‘cancerous cells’ in an otherwise healthy body.  More details here over on Jihad Watch.  We must stand up for common sense, we must stand up for freedom, we must stand up for Pam Geller.

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Christian Preacher Harassed and Bullied at 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival

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Land of the Free: Christian preacher speaks about the Jesus of the Bible in Dearborn, MI.  Muslims in the crowd chant “Allahu akbar!” (Allah is greater!), mock the Christian view of Jesus, and repeatedly call the Christian a “nigger.”  Could you imagine what the Muslim community in Dearborn would be doing right now if an ‘angry group of Christians’ had said these things to an Imam preaching about Mohammed? Protests galore within the Ummah, widespread coverage on the leftist national media about racist angry white extremists, and the police would have arrested Christians for “hate speech” and incitement.  But because this was said by a group of Muslims to a Christian preacher, the police do nothing and the media looks the other way …

“Dearborn is caught in a spiral. A few years ago, peaceful Christian missionaries would quietly come to Dearborn to preach the Gospel. Then security started slapping Christians around, and police began throwing Christians in jail and trampling on the Constitution. This drew some of the more vocal, confrontational, anti-Sharia Christian groups to the city (e.g. Terry Jones, Ruben Israel, etc.). But instead of showing the world how peaceful and loving Muslims are, Dearborn reacted with further hostility, even towards peaceful Christian preachers. This, of course, will draw even more anti-Sharia groups to Dearborn in the future. Will the city continue to respond in anger? If so, I see no end to the spiral.” Source.

Warning: Language will be offensive to some …

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