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Scientists Say California Mega-Quake Imminent

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By Becky Kellogg – “Like a steaming kettle with the top on, pressure is building beneath the surface of California that could unleash a monster earthquake at any time. That’s according to a new study from the Scripps Institute of Oceanography.

Geologists say Southern California is long overdue for a huge earthquake that could unleash widespread damage.

It all comes down to the Salton Sea, which lies to the east of San Diego. The Salton Sea lies directly on the San Andreas Fault and covers more than 350 square miles.” Read more.

Flashback: NASA’s Website Accidentally Predicts Another Catastrophic Earthquake in 2011 – “Pasadena, CA — Amateur astronomers using NASA’s website have found that the Jet Propulsion Laboratory Small Body Database Browser has predicted the three most recent 7.0+ magnitude earthquakes with striking accuracy… It is unclear who was the first to noticed a startling relationship between the alignment of a comet known as Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin), but the discovery has been cause for much speculation. After in-depth analysis of data from NASA’s website and other sources, one financial advisor has begun to ask the hard questions.” Read more.

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Early Video of Fukushima Reactor 3 Fuel Pool Showed Only One Nuclear Fuel Bundle Remained – Where Were the Others?

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“A video first released by TEPCO in April has been re-analyzed by Ian Goddard and appears to reveal a handle found atop a single nuclear fuel bundle. This raises more questions about the condition of any fuel still remaining in the Unit 3 fuel pool.”

Flashback: Fukushima Nuclear Reactor No. 3 Using Controversial, and Dangerous, MOX Fuel – “… an article by retired physical-chemistry engineer Jean-Pierre Morichaud highlights data provided by Jean-Paul Schapira, a well-known French nuclear physicist, and Monique Sené of the Association of Scientists for Nuclear Energy Information. In his article, Morichaud notes that some of the safety concerns posed by MOX when compared to traditional uranium fuel includes a more delicate fabrication of fuel rods to protect against contamination, greater risk of loss of control during reactor operation despite the presence of extra control rods, release of fission gases, and corrosion of fuel rods during reactor operation.” Read more.

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‘Freedom and Democracy’ in Action: Post-Revolution Tunisia Passes Law Banning ‘Any Form of Normalization’ with Israel

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“(ANSAmed) – TUNISIA, JULY 1 – Today Tunisia’s commission of political reform announced that it adopted (by majority) a ‘republican pact’ that will be the basis of the future new Constitution, and in particular it states the rejection of any normalisation with Israel.

While announcing the pact the president of the commission, Yadh Ben Achour, did not offer any details, but the Arab speaking Tunisian press published its content, which defines Tunisia as a free and democratic country, whose official language is Arab and whose religion is Islam.

The pact, that will serve as the basis of the future Constitution, categorically rejects ‘any form of normalisation with the Zionist State’, and supports the Palestinian cause.” Source.

Tunisia, Egypt: Is this the Start of the Return of the Caliphate? – “The mass uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, while being portrayed as pro-democracy protests by the controlled media, are more likely to end in Islamist takeovers and could well lay the foundation for the return of the Islamic Caliphate of old. This is the opinion of British National Party foreign affairs spokesman Arthur Kemp, who has specialised in the history of Islam and its conflict with the West.” Read more.

Tunisian Protesters Calling for Caliphate – ‘With our souls, with our blood, we will sacrifice ourselves for you O Islam’:

‘A Threat to Their Rule’ – Palestinian Authority Suppresses Pro-Caliphate ‘Arab Spring’ Uprising

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Believe it or not, Hizb ut-Tahrir has been allowed to congregate and spread its vitriol in America, in the UK, in Australia and many other Western nations while some Middle Eastern countries have banned them. If there are Muslim countries that view this Islamist group as a big enough threat that they’ve decided to have them banned, then it’s time for more Western nations to follow Germany’s lead — put 2 and 2 together, grow a backbone, and ban this pro-terrorism group immediately …

By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu – “Palestinian Authority security forces Saturday wounded several Arabs in peaceful rallies by the world-wide Hizb Ut-Tahrir, which supports a caliphate regime.

Injuries were reported in Hevron and Kalkilya after security forces used gunfire to disperse the rallies, and another demonstration was silenced in the PA capital of Ramallah, north of Jerusalem.

Hizb ut-Tahrir is an international pan-Islamic political group that wants all Muslim countries to unify as a single Islamic state, or caliphate, ruled by Islamic law and with an elected caliph as head of state. It vows non-violence and has denied charges it is connected with terror groups.

Arab governments, including the Palestinian Authority, regard it as a threat to their rule. Saturday’s rallies in PA areas in Judea and Samaria marked the 90th anniversary of the fall of the last caliphate.” Read more.

Islamist Group Promoting the Rise of the Caliphate: With Revolutions in the Muslim World ‘The Ummah is Determined’ – “Here is a promo video on a terrorist Caliphate conference to be held in UK on July 9th 2011. It is openly advertised on the internet to promote the Islamic terrorist agenda. For the dummies on the left says that there is no threat this conference should be another wake up call” Read more.

Hizb ut-Tahrir allowed to meet in Australia, tells gov’t to ‘mind its own business’ – “The Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir has called on the Australian government to ‘mind its own business’ in the Middle East and get out of Afghanistan, saying insurgents have an obligation to fight back. Up to 700 people attended the group’s third annual conference, titled Uprising in the Muslim World: On the road to Khilafah, at Lidcombe in Sydney’s west on Sunday.” Read more.

‘Ring of Fire’ Volcano Erupts in Central Indonesia

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“JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP) — A volcano in central Indonesia has erupted in clouds of smoke and searing gas that shot up nearly 20,000 feet (six kilometers) into the air.

State volcanologist Surono, who uses only one name, says no one was injured when Mount Soputan, located on Sulawesi island, exploded early Sunday.

The nearest villages are well outside the danger zone and there are no immediate evacuation plans.

Indonesia, the world’s largest archipelago, is located on the so-called Pacific ‘Ring of Fire,’ an arc of volcanos and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin.” Read more.

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Deadly ‘Hendra’ Horse Virus Raising Concerns in Australia

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By Gerard Walsh – “EQUINE Veterinarians Australia president and local vet Dr Chris Reardon has urged horse owners to be vigilant in the wake of three outbreaks of the Hendra virus in the past week.

The outbreaks have been at Beaudesert, Boonah and near Lismore.

In recent years, seven people have contracted the virus, of whom four have died – including two vets.

Dr Reardon warned no one should expect the virus to spread like equine influenza (EI).

‘It is not spread by air or wind like EI,’ he said.

‘It is always a concern when one of my colleagues is involved in a case. We need to know more about how it is transmitted to humans.'” Read more.

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