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Lying Wonders: President of Islamic Health Research Association Claims Reciting the Qur’an Can Cure Incurable Diseases

For some reason, it doesn’t work on infidels.  And remember, for the ‘best of peoples ever raised up for mankind‘ make sure you don’t pet Fido because the idol won’t have any effect unless you’re Zest fully clean …

db218-alqur27anThe News – “‘Quran Therapy’, a unique method to treat patients suffering from incurable and deadly diseases, is becoming popular, as a large number of patients have been cured.

These views were expressed by President of Islamic Health Research Association, Dr. Muhammad Riaz while talking to APP.

Dr Riaz said since the Holy Quran is an enduring miracle of Allah Almighty, which provides cures for human illnesses, both mental and physical. He said a human being can lead a healthy and long life by following the teachings and tenets of Holy Quran.

Commenting on the miraculous effects of ‘Surah-e-Taha’, he said it could successfully cure deadly diseases especially liver cancer and Hepatitis-B and Hepatitis-C. He said one can have spiritual relief be reciting the Holy Quran.

Dr. Riaz, who also delivers lectures at literary conferences, educational institutions and some private television channels, said every patient can be treated through ‘Quran Therapy’ as Allah Almighty has declared it a source of ‘Shifa’ or remedy.

The verses of Holy Quran have useful effects on the heart and make an ailing person healthy, he added.

According to some Islamic researchers, ‘Surah-e-Rehman’ is useful to cure patients suffering from depression and anxiety.

It may be mentioned here that in view of increasing diseases and limited resources, a lot of people are looking to other means of cure alongside allopathic and homeopathic way of treatment.Source – The News.

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