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The Sharia Shellacking: ‘Allah Honored Wives by Instating the Punishment of Beatings’

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Host: Would you believe that the European woman in our times yearns for a husband who would be like a guardian to her.  I would like to provide the viewers with some statistics.  90% of British women do not want to marry a weak man, who sits down and cries the moment there is a problem.  They say: No, such a man looks more like a woman.  We want a manly man…

Islamic Cleric: Wife beating is a serious accusation (leveled against Islam).  Let us examine this matter bit by bit.  Allah honored wives by instating the punishment of beatings.  Honored them with beatings?  How is this possible?!  The Prophet Muhammed said: “Don’t beat her in the face, and do not make her ugly.”  See how she in honored.  If the husband beats his wife, he must not beat her in the face.  Even when he beats her, he must not curse her.  This is incredible!  He beats her in order to discipline her.  In addition, there must not be more than ten beatings, and he must not break her bones, injure her, break her teeth or poke her in the eye.  There is a beating etiquette.  If he beats to discipline her, he must not raise his hand high.  He must beat her from chest level.  All these things honor the woman.”

In other words, beat the animal but, if possible, don’t leave any evidence …

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The Radicalization of Muslims in America: A Growing Threat

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By Alex Joffe – “Two recent reports indicate that the nature of the US Muslim population is changing. This will have important implications for Israel.

In Somalia, a recent suicide bomber was revealed to have been raised in Minnesota. The Somali community there originated in the 1990s with a refugee population that had been relocated by the US government. There have long been local reports regarding the difficulty young Somali males experienced integrating into American society and their involvement with gang violence and crime. Many Somali youth have also returned to their homeland to participate in ongoing religious warfare. More American suicide bombers should be expected in Somalia and eventually in the US.” Read more.

Islamic Militants Force 8-Year Old Girl to Wear Suicide Vest

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It should be obvious to anyone with two brain cells that when blood-thirsty killers strap a suicide vest on a little 8-year old girl, Islamists want the ‘religion of peace’ to also become ‘the religion of pieces’ . We are often disgusted with the history of child sacrifice in ancient heathen cultures, but we say little when 21st century Islamists sacrifice children for ‘Allah’ …

“ISLAMABAD: An eight-year-old Pakistani girl was kidnapped by militants who forced her to wear a suicide vest to attack security forces, police said on Monday.

Police produced the girl, identified as Sohana Javaid, before a news conference broadcast on Pakistani television channels.

The girl recalled how she was kidnapped in her hometown of Peshawar by two women and a man who pulled up in a car.

‘They put a handkerchief on my mouth and I fell unconscious. They took me to some place. They gave me some biscuits to eat and I again fell unconscious,” Sohana said in a video, according to a voice over translation on the tape.

Forced to wear a suicide vest, she was transported to a security check post in a small town in the Lower Dir district in the northwest.

‘I moved towards the check post but I started shouting and was taken into custody,’ said Sohana.” Read more.

British Islamist: We Will Conquer the White House, Cameron and Obama Will Be on Their Knees, and Queen Elizabeth Will Wear the Veil

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The alarm clock is ringing.  Wake up, world …

“Following are excerpts from a public address delivered by British Islamist Abu Waleed at a London demonstration. The address was posted on the Internet on May 25, 2011.

Abu Waleed: These infidels – they fear the most when you come out and say: Allah Akbar. By Allah, our words are like arrows on the chests of the enemies of Allah. This is why these infidels fear us so much – not because we come out and incite any violence. We are not the terrorists, my dear brothers. We know very well who is a terrorist. The Americans have massacred Muslims as well as non-Muslims, for far too many years. Go and ask the Indians inside America. Go and as the Filipinos. Go and ask the Vietnamese people. How many people have been massacred under the guise of democracy and freedom?

It should be an established fact for us that Allah said: ‘Fain would they extinguish the light of Allah with their mouths, but Allah will not allow but that His light should be perfected, even though the unbelievers may detest it.’ These infidels wish to wipe out the light of Allah, the light of Islam. But Allah will never allow the light of Islam to be wiped out. So it should come as no surprise why the likes of [Pastor] Terry Jones, why the likes of the BNP [British National Party] or the EDL [English Defense League], dare to come out and burn the Koran, or even touch the Koran. Do you know why? It is because of the rise of Islam within the West and the East.

For your information, after the September 11 bombings, when everybody thought there was going to be a backlash against the Muslim community, they said that within the first six months, over 35,000 Americans embraced Islam. That is a victory for us.” Read more.

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