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Experts Baffled as Giant Sinkholes Multiply in Quebec City, Canada

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By Jill Colton – “Sinkholes are mysteriously appearing in an neighbourhood in Quebec City, prompting an evacuation order.

Some are big enough to swallow a full car.

Sinkholes are forming in a Quebec City neighbourhood, collapsing the earth and leaving experts baffled.

The city has issued an evacuation order. People in 15 homes and one business have been ordered to leave.

There are about 40 holes and they range between six metres wide and five metres deep in the north end neighbourhood of the city.

City officials are concerned about the sinkholes and their potential for danger.

They started to appear over the last week and soil experts are taking samples to try and find out what’s behind the collapses.” Read more.


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Among Israeli Jews, 20,000 Embrace Jesus Christ (Yeshua)

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Matthew 1:21, “She shall bring forth a son. You shall call his name YESHUA, for it is he who shall save his people from their sins.”

Isaiah 12:2-4, “Behold, God is my salvation. I will trust, and will not be afraid; for the LORD, the LORD, is my strength and song; and he has become my YESHU’AH.  Therefore with joy you shall draw water out of the wells of YESHU’AH.  In that day you will say, ‘Give thanks to the LORD! Call on HIS NAME. Declare his doings among the peoples. Proclaim that HIS NAME is exalted!'”

Isaiah 62:11, “Behold, the LORD hath proclaimed unto the end of the world, Say ye to the daughter of Zion, Behold, thy YESHU’AH cometh; behold, HIS reward [is] with HIM, and his work before him.”

By Ava Thomas – “ISRAEL (BP)–White and blue flags rustled in the breeze, and kebabs sizzled on the grill. Ben Martin* gathered the group around and offered a prayer of thanks for the food.

‘Thank You for this food. Thank You for this nation. And thank You that after 2,000 years, You haven’t forsaken Israel.’

He hasn’t forsaken it — in fact, Jesus Christ is at work among the Jews more than ever, Martin said.

The crowd at this Israeli Independence Day party was more diverse than one might expect for a get-together celebrating the founding of the Jewish homeland in 1948.

There were Iranian Jews. Iraqi Jews. Russian Jews. American Jews.

‘The face of the Jews here isn’t what you’d expect,’ said Martin, a Christian worker among the Jews. ‘Because of ‘the return,’ it’s a very diverse group.’

The return of Jews after 1948 to what is Israel today brought the Diaspora — Jews scattered worldwide — back from different countries and cultures. But despite differences, the work among them is expanding all the time, Martin said. Baptist work in Israel started in the 1920s in an Arab town, and the Messianic work among the nation’s Jews is a growing phenomenon.

Now there are an estimated 150 Jewish congregations around Israel meeting in different languages. The number of believers is estimated to be around 20,000, growing exponentially from 1948 when 12 Jews who believed in Jesus could be counted, to 1987 when there were 3,000 and 1997 where there were 5,000.” Read more.

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Ahmadinejad: The Iranian People Demand Justice, Freedom and the Complete Elimination of Israel

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“Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has warned against plots hatched by the United States to save Israel, urging world nations to remain vigilant.

‘The US seeks to save the Zionist regime (Israel) with deceit. Everybody should know that the survival of the Zionist regime and its existence even in one span of the Palestinian soil is like preserving a cancerous tumor in the body of regional nations, and [is] a permanent threat against them,’ said President Ahmadinejad in the Iranian city of Qom on Thursday.

He added that the Iranian people and world nations are awakened and demand justice, freedom and the complete elimination of Israel, IRNA reported.

The Iranian chief executive pointed to new plots of the US against the Palestinian people and its support for Israel and said, ‘Nations should choose officials who explicitly express their opposition to the presence of the US and Zionists in the region.’

President Ahmadinejad warned regional countries against an escalation of the situation in the region, stressing, ‘They should be cautious not to jump out of the frying-pan into the fire.'” Read more.

US Mideast Envoy: A UN General Assembly Recognition of a Palestinian State in September Would Be ‘Very Harmful for Israel’

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Hey, Mr. Special US Mideast envoy man, describe something that would be very harmful to Israel, and you can rest assured there will be a concerted push from the Ummah to see it happen …

“Special U.S. Mideast envoy George Mitchell told Charlie Rose in a PBS interview on Thursday that U.S. President Barack Obama is trying to head off a ‘train wreck’ at the United Nations this September, when the Palestinians plan on bringing the issue of an independent state to the General Assembly.

‘The United Nations does not have the authority to recognize states,’ Mitchell said. Recognition of a state, especially if passed by an overwhelming margin at the UN, would be ‘very harmful for Israel, for the United States, and not good for the peace process.’

The United States has consistently expressed the opinion that bringing the issue of a Palestinian state to the UN is harmful to the peace process with Israel. Despite this, several countries, have already granted recognition to an independent Palestinian state of their own accord.

In a recent meet with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, German Chancellor Angela Merkel warned against unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state, saying ‘We do not think that unilateral steps are helpful.'” Read more.

Christians Worry Egypt Being Hijacked by Islamists

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By Sami Aboudi – “CAIRO (Reuters) – Last January, Nazih Moussa Gerges locked up his downtown Cairo law office and joined hundreds of thousands of fellow Egyptians to demand that President Hosni Mubarak step down.

The 33-year-old Christian lawyer was back on the streets this month to press military rulers who took over after Mubarak stepped down to end a spate of sectarian attacks that have killed at least 28 people and left many afraid.

Those who camped out in Tahrir Square side by side with Muslims to call for national renewal now fear their struggle is being hijacked by ultra-conservative Salafist Islamists with no one to stop them.

‘We did not risk our lives to bring Mubarak down in order to have him replaced by Salafists,’ Gerges said. ‘We want an Egypt that will be an example of democracy and freedom for the whole world.’

Sectarian tensions are not new to Egypt, where Christians make up around 10 percent of the population of 80 million. But the frequency and intensity of clashes have increased since Mubarak’s overthrow.” Read more.

Measles Outbreak in Britain Continues: More Cases in First 3 Months of 2011 Than All of 2010

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“Britain is facing a measles outbreak with nearly more cases reported in the first three months of this year than the whole of 2010.

The rise has sparked health officials to urge eveyone to ensure they are immunised against the potentially deadly infection.

Data from the Health Protection Agency (HPA) revealed 334 confirmed cases of measles to the end of April in England and Wales – compared with 374 in all of last year.

London was the worst affected area, with 104 cases, while the North East of England and Wales fared best with no cases reported.

Small outbreaks have been noted in universities, schools and within individual families while some people caught the disease abroad as Europe faced a surge in measles cases.” Read more.

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After Fall of Mubarak, Group Announces Intent to Form Nazi Party

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Breathe in the sweet scent of an Arab Spring where a garden of roses begins to sing
Where colors match beautifully the flag before, a blood-red crimson, the color of war
Winds of change bring freedom!” they said with delight, but every rose has its thorn, every day its night
What once began with a glimmer of hope, continues its descent down a slippery slope …

By YAAKOV LAPPIN – “A group of Egyptian political activists have announced plans to set up a local version ‘of the Nazi party,’ an Egyptian newspaper reported on Thursday.

Citing a leftist Egyptian news portal, the Al-Masry Al-Youm daily said that ‘the party’s founding deputy is a former military official,’ and that the party would be aimed at bringing ‘together prominent figures from the Egyptian society.’

The report cited founding member Emad Abdel Sattar as saying that party ‘believes in vesting all powers in the president after selecting him or her carefully,’ and that ‘preparations are underway to choose the most competent person to represent the party.’

Al-Masry Al-Youm added that an Egyptian Nazi party ‘operated secretly under former President Hosni Mubarak, whose regime prevented party leaders from carrying out their activities freely.'” Read more.

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