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ACLU Turns Blind Eye To Sharia In America

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By Stephen M. Gelé, American Thinker – “Daniel Mach, director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, and Jamil Dakwar, director of the ACLU’s Human Rights program, recently co-authored an article on the Huffington Post attacking legislative efforts to prohibit the application of foreign laws inconsistent with the rights granted by the U.S. and state constitutions or state public policy.

The article posits a series of disjointed, hypothetical misapplications of the legislative efforts to prevent sharia from encroaching into our legal system.  Yet, the authors cite no actual examples of misapplications of laws already passed and in force, in Tennessee, Louisiana, and Arizona.  The authors fail to distinguish this American Laws for American Courts (ALAC) legislation from other legislative efforts, such as the Oklahoma constitutional amendment, which do not explicitly reference the protection of constitutional rights and public policy in prohibiting application of sharia or foreign law.

Further, the authors contend that these laws, explicitly protecting established constitutional rights, are superfluous because the First Amendment already protects these rights, and then allege that these laws violate the religious freedom granted by the First Amendment.  The authors thereby dangerously conflate the judiciary’s interpretation and enforcement of secular law with interpretation and enforcement of religious doctrine.  The freedom of religion and establishment clauses of the First Amendment do not address the application of foreign law, including sharia, in American courts, and, as demonstrated below, have not been applied to prevent such application.

Additionally, American courts have repeatedly held that freedom of religion does not require the judiciary to void secular laws which may incidentally conflict with religious doctrine, and that the First Amendment prohibits the judiciary from interpreting or enforcing religious doctrine.  For example, in the case of S.D. v. M.J.R., the New Jersey Superior Court of Appeal reversed a trial court judge who did not find sexual assault to have been proven when a husband admitted forcing his wife to engage in sex, because the husband lacked criminal intent as he was a Muslim, and sharia, as described by an imam, mandated that a wife submit to her husband’s sexual advances.  The New Jersey appellate court cited several U.S. Supreme Court decisions that held that freedom of religion does not include violating criminal laws, including Reynolds v. United States and Cleveland v. United States regarding polygamy, and Employment Div., Dep’t of Human Res. of Oregon v. Smith regarding smoking peyote, even when religious doctrine permits or mandates the prohibited practice.  The U.S. Supreme Court, in Presbyterian Church in the United States v. Mary Elizabeth Blue Hull Memorial Presbyterian Church and its progeny, have also consistently held that deciding disputes over religious doctrine violates the establishment clause of the First Amendment.” Read more.

Sudan Christians Flee Bloodshed; Christian Couple Attacked by Knife-Wielding Assailants for Leaving Islam

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“KHARTOUM, SUDAN (BosNewsLife)– Christians in Sudan were among thousands of refugees Wednesday, May 25, amid several attacks against them and fears of a new civil war between the Arab-dominated north and the Christian-animist south, which voted overwhelmingly to secede in a January referendum.

Hundreds of people have been killed in clashes over the last few weeks as the south, still reeling from the previous civil war with only 50 miles (80 kilometers) of tarred road, moves towards formal statehood on July 9…

Elsewhere in Khartoum, a Christian mother of a 2-month-old baby was recovering of her injuries Wednesday, May 25, and remained destitute after she and her husband were attacked for leaving Islam for Christianity.

Omar Hassan and Amouna Ahamdi, both 27, said knife-wielding, masked assailants on May 4 attacked them after relatives learned that they had converted from Islam to Christianity.

Hassan told Compass Direct News agency that he and his wife were renting a house from her uncle in Khartoum, but he ordered them to leave after learning they had left Islam.” Read more.

Canadian Prime Minister Refuses to Embrace Obama’s Plan of Israeli-Palestinian Peace Negotiations Based Upon Pre-1967 Borders

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Finally, another leader who ‘gets it’ and sticks to his ‘renegade Middle East views’ as far as Israel is concerned.  Way to go, Prime Minister Harper.  I hope Obama enjoys his Canadian pie …

By Doug Saunders – “It was meant to be, as Barack Obama described it in London with his British counterpart beside him, another unified mission to storm the beaches of Normandy in the name of peace and democracy.

And the Western world’s leaders do plan to use the Deauville, France, G8 summit to present a united front on the conflicts and revolutions of the Middle East. But one of the rare sources of friction has turned out to be the renegade Middle East views of Stephen Harper.

Alone among G8 leaders, the Canadian Prime Minister refuses to embrace the U.S. President’s plan to begin peace negotiations between Palestinians and Israelis on the basis of a return to Israel’s de facto borders as they existed before its 1967 war with neighbouring Arab countries – a precondition, accepted by Arabs and by many previous Israeli leaders and Canadian governments, that would be necessary to get Palestinians back to the table.

Mr. Harper made his opposition to that position clear through a spokesperson shortly after Mr. Obama’s Middle East speech last week in a pre-G8 briefing, making him the lone leader in the G8 not to back the U.S. preconditions.” Read more.

G8 leaders omit mention of 1967 borders in Middle East statement – “Group of Eight leaders had to soften a statement urging Israel and the Palestinians to return to negotiations because Canada objected to a specific mention of 1967 borders, diplomats said on Friday. Canada’s right-leaning Conservative government has adopted a staunchly pro-Israel position in international negotiations since coming to power in 2006, with Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying Canada will back Israel whatever the cost.” Read more.

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The Dangers of Political Correctness: TSA Pats Down Little Old Lady and Kid, But Ignores Muslim Man In Arab Garb

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Here is one example where nonsensical political correctness has run amok to the point where those responsible for ‘airport security’ are instead putting lives in danger by trying to not hurt the feelings of Muslims.  When the overwhelming majority of all terrorist attacks since 9/11 are perpetrated by Islamists, who should the TSA have been checking here?

Rep. Paul Broun: “I went through the security at an airport.  I walked through, there was — right behind me — there was  a grandma.  Little old lady, and she was patted down.  Right behind her was a little kid who was patted down, and then right behind him there was a guy in Arabian dress who just walked right through.  Why are we patting down grandma and kids?”

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Belarus Shoppers Panic as Ruble Collapses; EPC CEO & Chief Global Strategist Says US Dollar May Collapse in Fall 2011

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“Panicky shoppers in Belarus are buying up consumer goods and scarce food supplies as fast as they can, after a sharp devaluation of the ruble failed to halt a slide in the national currency’s value.

Weeks of economic crisis have prompted many Belarusians to buy foreign currency – usually U.S. dollars or euros – to protect themselves against the ruble’s plunge. The government announced Tuesday the official exchange rate would be 4,930 rubles for $1 as of Wednesday, compared to the previous rate of 3,155 rubles, but that triggered an immediate shift in the ruble’s unofficial or black-market price, which now stands at about 6,500 rubles per dollar.” Read more.

Video: Peter Schiff Says US Dollar Could Collapse by Fall 2011 – CEO & Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, has been correct about a lot of stuff in the past few years and now believes that the US Dollar may collapse as soon as the fall of 2011:

Tornadoes Reported South of Chico in Rural Northern California

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“PDT Chico, Calif. (AP) — Authorities say at least three tornadoes have been reported in a rural area outside of Chico.

After the National Weather Service issued a tornado warning Wednesday evening for the area, a California Highway Patrol spokesman says three twisters hit a sparsely populated area of dairy land south of Chico.

The CHP says no significant damage has been reported, though there were four minor accidents in the area.

The National Weather Service says around 6:41 p.m. Wednesday radar showed the a storm associated with at least one tornado about 13 miles south of Chico, or about 90 miles north of Sacramento.” Read more.

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FAO: African Swine Fever May Spread to Europe

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By Svetlana Kovalyova – “(Reuters) – African swine fever (ASF), a viral disease harmless to people but lethal to pigs, is likely to spread beyond Russia and the Caucasus region into Europe, the United Nations’ food agency said on Thursday.

ASF, for which there is no vaccine, is now established in Georgia, Armenia and southern Russia, with an increasing number of long-distance jump outbreaks in northern areas this year, the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) said.

Long-distance jumps are food-borne, with virus surviving in pig meat products carried by travelers and setting off a new outbreak at the destination where food scraps may be fed to pigs, the FAO said.

‘African swine fever is fast becoming a global issue,’ Juan Lubroth, FAO’s Chief Veterinary Officer, said in a statement.” Read more.

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Russian Teen Committed Suicide on Eve of Harold Camping’s Predicted ‘Judgment Day’

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“(NewsCore) – A 14-year-old girl Russian girl was so scared by the doomsday predictions of Californian evangelist Harold Camping that she hanged herself, investigators said Wednesday.

Camping warned the world would end last Saturday, predicting that 200 million Christians would be elevated to heaven while the rest of civilization would be wiped out by devastating earthquakes.

He faced ridicule when his predicted ‘Rapture’ failed to materialize, but his apocalyptic prophecy managed to spook his American followers, some of whom quit their jobs and depleted their savings in readiness.

It was also reported Wednesday that a teenager living in the Mari El Republic, central Russia, was so scared by Camping’s claims, she decided to hang herself just hours before his Saturday night deadline.” Read more.

You’re Forged! Trump Declares Obama’s Birth Certificate Fake

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“Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who staged a weeks-long public campaign questioning Barack Obama’s eligibility to be president during March and April – and rose to the top of the pool of potential candidates for the 2012 GOP nomination then as a result – says he believes the ‘birth certificate’ released by the White House is forged.

His comments came yesterday in a telephone call to WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., who is appearing on wall-to-wall radio programs – between 10 and 20 per day – to respond to questions about his latest best-seller, ‘Where’s the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President.’

Trump asked Corsi about the book, its evidence and what is happening next in the effort to document whether Obama is, in fact, constitutionally qualified for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1’s ‘natural born citizen’ requirement.

Trump said his period of almost-complete silence on the issue following the release by the White House on April 27 of the image of a ‘Certificate of Live Birth’ from the state of Hawaii was not because he was satisfied with the document.

‘I always said I wanted to know if it was real,’ Trump told Corsi.

The image has been challenged by a number of experts in the field, and the original, of course, has yet to be seen, much less analyzed.” Read more.

Update: You’re flustered! Trump can’t get his story straight – “WASHINGTON – Donald Trump today issued a written statement to the leftist Mother Jones magazine and other news outlets denying he told Jerome Corsi, author of a new bestselling book about Barack Obama’s constitutional eligibility, he suspected the birth certificate released by the White House is fraudulent… However, Corsi says Trump repeated a conversation he had weeks ago in a conference call with WND Editor and Chief Executive Officer Joseph Farah in which the building magnate said he is concerned about the validity of the document released April 27 by the Obama White House. Farah confirms Trump questioned the authenticity of the birth certificate and said others around him do as well.” Read more.

Update 2: Trump’s back! Casting doubt on birth certificate – “After fanning the flames of doubt that pressured Barack Obama to publicize a purported copy of his official birth certificate, Donald Trump’s latest statements suggest the White House-released document may be a fake. ‘I don’t know exactly what he showed,’ Trump told the Faith & Freedom Coalition annual conference in Washington, D.C., over the weekend, ‘but you know, someday somebody’s gonna figure that one out.'” Read more.

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