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Fukushima Reactor Had Meltdown 3.5 Hours After Cooling System Collapsed; Staggering Radiation Levels Now Measured in R1 Drywell

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By the end of March the IAEA knew that a nuclear meltdown had occurred at Fukushima, yet this information was not released to the public until nearly 7 weeks later…

“A meltdown occurred at one of the reactors at the Fukushima No. 1 Nuclear Power Plant three and a half hours after its cooling system started malfunctioning, according to the result of a simulation using ‘severe accident’ analyzing software developed by the Idaho National Laboratory.

Chris Allison, who had actually developed the analysis and simulation software, reported the result to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in late March. It was only May 15 when Tokyo Electric Power Co. (TEPCO) admitted for the first time that a meltdown had occurred at the No. 1 reactor at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

According to Allison’s report obtained by the Mainichi, the simulation was based on basic data on light-water nuclear reactors at the Laguna Verde Nuclear Power Plant in Mexico that are about the same size as that of the No. 1, 2, and 3 reactors in Fukushima.” Read more.

More Melted Fuel At Japan’s Fukushima Nuclear Plant Uncovered During UN Probe – “In addition, some chunks of the fuel appeared to have entered the inner containment chambers, or drywell, causing some damage. That suggests that the severity of the accident was greater than officials have acknowledged. TEPCO announced similar findings last week about Unit 1. The new revelations indicate that earlier official assessments may have been too optimistic…” Read more.

Fukushima’s Apocalyptic Threat Demands Immediate Global Action – “Fukushima may be in an apocalyptic downward spiral. Forget the corporate-induced media coma that says otherwise…or nothing at all. Lethal radiation is spewing unabated. Emission levels could seriously escalate. There is no end in sight. The potential is many times worse than Chernobyl.” Read more.

F.Reactor 1 – 204,000 mSv per hour in the drywell?! – Recent readings are so high at Fukushima Reactor 1 that I am surprised this isn’t being reported by the MSM.  This is a full 204 sieverts/hr.

Location: Unit 1 nuclear power plant Fukushima
Date: Mar 15, 2011 (Tuesday) to May 25, 2011 (Wed)
Current values: D/W: two hundred and four Sv/h , S/C: 0.987 Sv / h
Status Instrument: failure

Algerian Government Orders Closure of Seven Protestant Churches for Spreading Christianity

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“(ANSAmed) – ALGIERS, MAY 24 – A new clampdown on Christian protestants in Algeria. The Algerian ‘wilaya’ (province) of Bejaia has ordered 7 places of worship of this religious group to be closed. The measure, el Watan reports on its website, was issued on May 8. It was made executive on the 22nd and announced yesterday. Sources in the Vatican nunciature in Algiers have told ANSAmed that Catholic churches are not affected by the measure, and that the measure does not regard national territory. Mustapha Krim, president of the Protestant Church in Algeria, has appealed against the measure, which speaks in general terms of the closing of places of worship ‘for religious worship other than the Islam’. Krim has said that he has visited the Ministry of Religious Affairs in an attempt to postpone the implementation of the measure. He underlined that he has not been informed about it in time. Protestants, a rapidly growing movement in Algeria, has been targeted for several years by the Islamic religious authorities and civilians. The government accuses the Protestants of proselytism, a serious crime in a country where Islam is the State religion and Muslims are not allowed to convert to other religions.” Read more.

‘My Journey Toward Islamoawareness’ Can Be The Beginning of Your Own

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If you haven’t begun your journey toward ‘Islamoawareness’ yet, this article — from someone who apparently works for the entertainment industry in Hollywood — is a good start.

Posted by Lawrence Meyers – “… Naturally curious, I wanted to know what these new words meant, so that night I Googled ‘dhimmitude’, and my journey to Islamoawareness officially began. I visited the Jihadwatch website, found out about Robert Spencer, started to read his books, got a copy of the Qu’ran to verify the verses he was quoting, and read many other books besides.

While I continued my education, buses were bombed in London on 7/7/05. Then, the Muhammad cartoons were published later that year and outraged Muslims actually KILLED people over them. It seemed the Muslim protesters were saying, ‘Islam is a religion of peace; and if you say otherwise, we will kill you!’ and that absurd irony made me seriously doubt that Islam really was a religion of peace, and made me dig further.

I learned about ‘The Verse of the Sword’ (9:5) that says ‘slay infidels wherever you find them’, the verse condoning wife-beating (4:34), the hundreds of other violent, intolerant verses, and the all-important distinction between Meccan verses and the Medinan verses in the Qu’ran. (The more violent ones are considered ‘more true’ to Islamic theologians.)

I learned about the countries where Islam rules, and saw that they almost always are places where freedoms are denied, economies stagnate, ideas are repressed and human rights violated.

I learned about the barbaric system known as Sharia law and its death penalty for homosexuality, adultery, and apostasy, and how it codifies second-class status for non-Muslim and all women. Iran actually executes gays routinely, simply because they are gay!

I learned about Muhammad; how he is held as an ‘excellent example of conduct’ (33:21) for Muslims to follow even today, but then I learned the historical record (in the hadith; the collections of his doings and sayings, and in biographies written by pious Muslims) shows that he owned slaves, raped the female ones (in a couple of cases shortly after having their husbands killed), robbed caravans, tortured a man to find out where he hid his treasure–by building a fire on his chest, married a 6 year-old, and had sex with her when she was 9–and he struck her, too. He had all the men of an entire tribe slaughtered, and had his critics assassinated. And these are excellent examples of conduct?” Read more.

Islamist Cleric in Indonesia Prays to Allah Asking Him to Murder and Torture Zionists, Americans and Europeans

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“JAKARTA, May 25 (Reuters) – Indonesian Islamist cleric Abu Bakar Bashir used his final defence against charges of funding a militant group on Wednesday to denounce the United States for trying to stop Islamic preaching in the world’s most populous Muslim nation.

Prosecutors are seeking a life sentence for the frail Bashir, 72, who delivered a piercing speech accusing the government of being under U.S. influence.

Bashir does not command widespread support in Indonesia, but the speech could inflame hardcore Islamists who have already vowed reprisal attacks following the U.S. killing of al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden in Pakistan…

Bashir ended his speech with a prayer to crush those he considered enemies of Indonesian Muslims.

‘Lord, you have showered the infidels, the zionists, the Americans, the Europeans and their allies with wealth, technology and strong-arm equipment but it was used instead to attack your religion and slaughter your fighters…  exterminate wealth, technology, and lock dead their heart, because they are faithless and therefore deserve bitter torture from you.'” Read more.

Christian Girls in Egypt Kidnapped by Islamists and Forced to Convert to Islam

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“Amid the upheavals in Egypt since January, reports have begun to emerge of a surge in disappearances of Coptic girls.

One priest in Cairo estimates that at least 21 young girls, many as young as 14, have disappeared from his parish alone.

In most cases, when a Christian girl who disappears is found by her family, she has been converted to Islam and married. The Coptic authorities, have even set up a series of refuges in monasteries to handle the growing numbers of girls who wish to return to their families, many of whom are not accepted by their family of origin.

But a worse problem for these women is that their conversion to Islam is irreversible.

Religion is stated on Egyptian ID documents and even though secular law provides for reversions, under the growth of sharia they are very difficult, except for those affording legal advocacy.

This situation is not unique to Egypt. There have been consistent reports of girls being coerced into Islamic conversion and marriage in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka.” Read more.

Facebook Page Calls for Saudi Men to Bear Their Wives for Driving

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“A campaign has been launched on Facebook calling for men to beat Saudi women who drive their cars in a planned protest next month against the ultra-conservative kingdom’s ban on women taking the wheel.

The call comes as activists are demanding the release of Manal al-Sharif, a Saudi woman who was jailed for defying the ban.

The page, titled ‘The Iqal Campaign: June 17 for preventing women from driving,’ refers to the Arabic name for the cord used to hold on the traditional headdress worn by many men in the Gulf, advocating the cord be used to hit women who dare to drive.

It has drawn over 6,000 ‘likes’ on the popular social networking website.”  Read more.

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Equine Virus Outbreak Spooks Horse Owners Across Western U.S.

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By Gale Holland – “The horse named Powered By Pep had just won his class at a competition in Bakersfield when his owner, David Booth, noticed that the animal was not quite himself.

‘A little slow-footed,’ the 22-year-old Acton rancher recalled Monday.

Booth had Pep’s temperature taken and soon discovered that his 7-year-old bay gelding had fallen victim to a dire outbreak of equine herpes virus-1, a highly contagious airborne virus that has killed or resulted in the euthanizing of at least seven horses this month and sown fear in equine circles across the Western states.

The outbreak started, authorities agree, at an event in Ogden, Utah, between April 18 and May 3, and has spread to nine states, including California, New Mexico, Oregon and Washington. Horse events from Tulsa, Okla., to San Diego County have been canceled because of the scare. Colorado, which has reported 22 suspected cases and two euthanizings, is requiring health certifications for horses crossing its border.” Read more.

Horse herpes: The virus behind the outbreak – “As an outbreak of highly contagious horse herpes infects horses across Western states, leaving some horses dead and prompting event organizers to cancel competitions, a closer look at the virus causing all the trouble would seem in order. But first, as Reuters reports: ‘Horses cannot infect humans but for the animals the symptoms of the virus include respiratory problems and hind-leg weakness, decreased coordination, nasal discharge and fever.'” Read more.

Thousands Stranded as Iceland Ash Cloud Brings Chaos

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By DAMIEN HENDERSON – “THOUSANDS of holidaymakers saw their plans thrown into disarray yesterday as airlines grounded their planes after a blanket of thick volcanic ash drifted over Scotland from an Icelandic volcano.

Travellers at Edinburgh, Glasgow and Prestwick airports encountered long check-in queues and a frustrating list of cancellations after hopes faded that the cloud from Grimsvotn volcano would drift south and allow planes to take off.

By mid-afternoon yesterday, after seeing all but a handful of planes grounded, all three central belt airports had confirmed that no further flights would depart as airlines reacted to advice from the UK airspace regulator, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

Last night there were signs that the ash cloud was moving away from Scotland. The National Air Traffic Services (Nats) predicted it would pass towards Germany.

The Met Office predicted that the high-density ash clouds would disperse from today around the UK.” Read more.

Palestinian Official: Netanyahu’s Speech to Congress was a ‘Declaration of War’

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By Catrina Stewart – “Israel’s prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, wrapped up a rocky visit to Washington yesterday with a defiant speech to US Congress that appeared to dash any hopes of reviving stalled peace talks with the Palestinians.

In what one Israeli commentator said would be the ‘speech of his life’, Mr Netanyahu set forth his vision of peace, saying that he was willing to make “painful compromises” that would involve giving up parts of the “ancestral Jewish homeland”.

The address was received with rapturous approval from both houses of Congress, the audience rising to its feet more than two dozen times in just the first 15 minutes. But it was described by one Palestinian official as a ‘declaration of war’, offering little new and rejecting all of the Palestinians’ key demands.” Read more.

Devastating Thunderstorms, Hailstorms Destroys Crops in India

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“MANALI: Devastating thunderstorm and heavy rains coupled with hailstorm on Saturday destroyed agricultural and horticultural crops in many villages in Kullu and Mandi district of Himachal.

Preliminary estimates said that apple crop in Kullu district and high hills of Mandi has been severely damaged while dry wheat crop and vegetables in thousands of acres of land have considerably suffered. Hailstones, weighing about 25 to 40 grams, continued for 20 minutes and damaged apple, pear, peach and vegetables. The most affected villages in Mandi were Kelodhar, Baksial, Bada, Dharot, Gohar, Chachyot, Thunag and Janjahli. Lightning, hailstones and high velocity winds along with rains wreaked havoc in Haripur, Shaleen, Barod, Chhiyal, Poojan, Shangchar, Badagran and many other Kullu villages.

Apple growers are already facing hardships due to poor crop yield this year and the bad weather has added to their misery. ‘The intensity of the hailstorm was so severe that it knocked down fruits from the trees. The strong winds uprooted many trees and flattened wheat crop which was ready for harvesting,’ said Khem Singh Thakur, an orchardist in Kelodhar village.” Read more.

Monster Tornadoes Slice 80-Mile Path of Destruction Through Rush Hour Traffic in Oklahoma; 14 More Killed in Three States

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“Violent thunderstorms that roared across the Midwest killed 13 people in three states, while toppling trees, crushing cars and destroying a whole town in Arkansas.

Rescue crews began the desperate search for the missing on Wednesday, which included a three-year-old boy, after a tornado destroyed his home in Piedmont, northwest of Oklahoma City, injuring his mother and siblings.” Read more.

Violent storms kill 13 in Oklahoma, Kansas, Arkansas – “KANSAS CITY, Mo (AP) — A violent storm system rumbled through the central U.S. on Wednesday, spawning tornadoes that turned homes into splintered wreckage, killing at least 14 people over two days and hampering rescue efforts in a city slammed by a massive twister days earlier… Several tornadoes touched down in Oklahoma City and its suburbs, killing at least eight people and injuring at least 70 others, authorities said. Among those killed was a 15-month-old boy, and searchers were looking for his missing 3-year-old brother. The storms killed two people in Kansas, four in Arkansas and possibly one in Texas.” Read more.

Biggest storm system in years hits Dallas-Fort Worth – “Reports of large hail, damaging winds and minor to moderate structural damage were trickling into the National Weather Service Fort Worth office early this morning after three rounds of storms swept through North Texas on Tuesday night. At least one tornado was spotted in Denton, and 70 mph wind gusts were recorded in the Loop 820 and U.S. 377 area, while Arlington spotters reported wind gusts of up to 75 mph.” Read more.

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