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El Baradei: Egypt is ‘Disintegrating’; Post-Revolution Egypt Now in Worst Shape Than Before

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Don’t worry, El Baradei.  The Muslim Brotherhood and Sharia Law will take good care of Egypt…

“Egypt is disintegrating socially and its economy ‘is bust,’ said Mohamed ElBaradei, the former director of the International Atomic Energy Agency and possible candidate for the Egyptian presidency.

‘Right now, socially, we are disintegrating,’ ElBaradei said on CNN’s ‘Fareed Zakaria GPS,’ scheduled to air Sunday. ‘Economically we are not in the best state. Politically it’s — it’s like a black hole. We do not know where we are heading.’

ElBaradei said many Egyptians don’t feel secure as the country struggles to create a new government after former president Hosni Mubarak was forced from power by protests earlier this year.

‘People do not feel secure,’ ElBaradei said. ‘They are buying guns’ to protect themselves, he said.” Read more.

Palestinian Figure Calls Iran the Spiritual Influence and ‘Source of Islamic Awakening’ in Regional Uprisings

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The Spiritual Influence of Iran ...“TEHRAN (FNA) – A prominent Palestinian figure in Lebanon said that popular uprisings and the growing awakening among the regional nations are inspired by Islam and the 1979 Islamic Revolution in Iran.

‘We are witnessing an Islamic spirit in the Arab revolutions, and I prefer to call them Islamic Revolutions,’ Head of the Palestinian Islamic Council in Lebanon Sheikh Mohammad Nimr Zaghmout told FNA on Monday.

‘This has been the divine power and the power of Islam which has led the revolutionary people in the regional countries to victory,’ Zaghmout stated, underlining the Islamic nature of the regional uprisings.

He also stressed the spiritual influence of Iran’s Islamic Revolution on the recent and current uprisings in the region, and added, ‘I would like to emphasize the point that we wouldn’t have witnessed such revolutions and Islamic awakenings today, if an Islamic awakening had not taken place in Iran 32 year ago and if the Islamic Revolution (of Iran) had not achieved victory.'” Read more.

Muslim Cab Driver in Texas Arrested After Bomb Squad Removes Suspicious Materials From Home

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By MATT PETERSON – “A cab driver from Irving was arrested Sunday after a bomb squad removed suspicious materials from his apartment.

Sharif Ahmed Nour, 41, was initially going to be charged with possessing bomb-making components, but that was amended to possession of prohibited weapons, according to WFAA-TV (Channel 8).

Irving firefighters found the unspecified items after extinguishing a small fire at Nour’s home in the 3600 block of Brock Drive. The FBI and the Joint Terrorism Task Force have since joined the investigation.

‘At this point we’re taking every precaution necessary,’ Irving police Officer John Argumaniz told Channel 8. ‘That’s why we’ve called in the joint task force to assist with the investigation.'” Read more.

‘Terrible Things Are Sure to Happen’: Supreme Court Orders California to Release Up to 46,000 Prison Inmates

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By David G. Savage – “WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court ordered California on Monday to release tens of thousands of its prisoners to relieve overcrowding, saying that ‘needless suffering and death’ had resulted from putting too many inmates into facilities that cannot hold them in decent conditions.

It is one of the largest prison release orders in the nation’s history, and it sharply split the high court.

Justices upheld an order from a three-judge panel in California that called for releasing 38,000 to 46,000 prisoners. Since then, the state has transferred about 9,000 state inmates to county jails. As a result, the total prison population is now about 32,000 more than the capacity limit set by the panel.” Read more.

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