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Tornadoes Strike North Minneapolis, Widespread Devastation

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By Tim Ballisty – “Several rotating supercells spawning a few tornadoes touched down across the Minneapolis area on Sunday afternoon.

The tornado or tornadoes tore roofs off buildings, downed power lines and toppled trees blocking streets. Early reports estimated the tornado touched down for around 30 minutes across the metro area.

Northwest and North Minneapolis was especially hit hard.

Television cameras revealed tremendous tree damage across North Minneapolis which then led to significant house damage.” Read more.

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Wild Bill for America: Why I Stand With Israel – The Israeli Heart

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“Hello everybody, Wild Bill for America here, thank you for watching.  What I’m gonna tell you about happened on a dusty road in Israel with Israeli soldiers manning a military checkpoint, and a Palestinian boy with a bomb hidden under his coat walking towards them.  Now this story happened about five years ago, and I didn’t make a copy of it, I wish I had because it’s a story I just can’t forget …”

Muslims to Christians: ‘We’re Coming for You’

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By Michael Carl – “‘Once we take control we’re coming for you.’

That’s the message Christians in the Ivory Coast got from Muslims during a long-fought dispute over the nation’s presidency, an election late last year apparently won by a Christian candidate when the government found voter fraud in Muslim regions. But that result was overturned following intervention by the United Nations and the United States, who insisted that the Muslim candidate be given the office.

Which puts Muslims now in ‘control.’

A missionary who asked to be called only Pastor Andrew serves in the Ivory Coast and says that the administration of newly inaugurated president Alessane Ouattara, a Muslim, has shut off the Internet and now likely is tapping the Christians’ telephones.

‘Just before (the civil war), they were warning the Christians that when we get in power, the first we’re going to do is come against the church. We’re coming to get you,’ Andrew revealed.” Read more.

Iceland: Largest Volcanic Eruption in Grímsvötn in 100 Years

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“The current volcanic eruption in Grímsvötn on Vatnajökull glacier is the largest in that volcano 100 years and larger than the one in Eyjafjallajökull last year. It is similar to the eruption of 1873, according to geophysicist Magnús Tumi Gudmundsson. A large flood is not expected.

This morning the ash cloud was 15 to 18 kilometers high which means that the volcanic eruption is ten times more powerful than the last eruption in Grímsvötn in 2004, Gudmundsson told” Read more.

Ash could reach Scotland by Tuesday, airlines warned – “May 22 (Reuters) – Ash from an erupting Icelandic volcano could reach northern Scotland by Tuesday and parts of Britain, France and Spain by Thursday or Friday if the eruption continues at the same rate, airlines were warned on Sunday.” Read more.

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U.S. Plagued by Stink Bug Epidemic, One-Fifth of Apple Harvest is Ruined

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“Brown stink bugs are causing millions of dollars in crop damage, with the apple industry being hit the hardest.

Growers in the mid-Atlantic region have reported the worst problems with about 18 per cent of the crop ruined.

The industry has reported $37million in damage to apple growers in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia this spring.

The bug, a three-quarter-inch invader native to Asia, has a huge appetite and has no domestic natural predators.” Read more.

Fukushima’s Apocalyptic Threat Demands Immediate Global Action

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By Harvey Wasserman – “Fukushima may be in an apocalyptic downward spiral.

Forget the corporate-induced media coma that says otherwise…or nothing at all.

Lethal radiation is spewing unabated. Emission levels could seriously escalate. There is no end in sight. The potential is many times worse than Chernobyl.

Containing this disaster may be beyond the abilities of Tokyo Electric or the Japanese government.

There is no reason to incur further unnecessary risk. With all needed resources, it’s time for the world’s best scientists and engineers to take charge.” Read more.

1000 Millisieverts/Hr Debris Outside Reactor 3 at Fukushima I Nuke Plant – “TEPCO announced on May 21 that the debris that emits 1000 millisieverts/hour radiation was found outside the reactor building of the Reactor 3, on the south side. According to TEPCO, it is a pile of concrete bits and paper-like materials. It is the highest radiation ever found on the debris outside the buildings.” Read more.

Radioactive Sewage Sludge and Slag in Tokyo – “Nippon Television’s investigation has revealed that the radioactive materials in very high concentration, 170,000 becquerels per kilogram, had been found in the sewage slag from a sewage treatment facility in Tokyo.” Read more.

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