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‘There Is An End-Game Afoot for Man’s Freedom and the Western Way of Life … The End will Begin in Israel’

Glenn Beck: “It is great to be back in America.  I don’t know if you have heard, but I have spent the last couple of days in Israel where I am working on something there that I think will be very big, because there are very big life-changing things — world-changing events — on the horizon… When the media elite celebrated the glorious uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, I was in the back row raising my hand saying, ‘Um, I don’t think this is gonna be so glorious, especially for America and Israel… Well, how’s that working out so far?  I can tell you tonight that there is an end-game afoot for man’s freedom and the Western way of life, and I believe the end will begin in Israel.  And if you don’t pay attention, it will all make perfect sense when the world turns the heat on Israel… Israel is the beginning of what could be the end for man’s freedom, and we must pay attention and learn from history …”

  1. Pattie Farm
    05/15/2011 at 1:30 PM

    May God be forever with the apple of his eye. He said whoever is for Israel is for and whoever is against her, he is against. Let us pray that the House of the USA be for the apple of Gods’ eye until he comes to take her home.

    People in our nation need to start praying we are of the roots of Jesus if we are believers. If we turn our back on our own family then we are going to get the wrath as nation along with the rest. Pray that the President even though he is a non believer wake up and know he is unable to move our God or to war with our God.

    Let these people and their roots live again as God said to the valley of dry bones, wake up America. If you believe in God, put your house in order and get on the straight path our time is at an end.


  2. ICA
    05/16/2011 at 4:44 PM

    Glen Beck announces major rally in Israel:


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