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Bin Laden’s Final Message to America: Our Attacks Will Continue as Long as You Support Israel

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By Amal Jayasinghe – “DUBAI (AFP) – Osama bin Laden warned in his final audio tape recorded before being killed by American commandos there will be no US security before the Palestinians live in security, an Islamist website reported Sunday.

Addressing US President Barack Obama, he said: ‘America will not be able to dream of security until we live in security in Palestine. It is unfair that you live in peace while our brothers in Gaza live in insecurity.’

‘Accordingly, and with the will of God, our attacks will continue against you as long as your support for Israel continues,’ he warned in a message posted on, a conduit for Al-Qaeda communications.” Read more.

Riots, Church Burning Drag Muslim-Christian Relations to New Low in Post-Revolution Egypt

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“CAIRO — Relations between Egypt’s Muslims and Christians degenerated to a new low Sunday after riots overnight left 12 people dead and a church burned, adding to the disorder of the country’s post-revolution transition to democracy.

The attack on the church was the latest sign of assertiveness by an extreme, ultraconservative movement of Muslims known as Salafis, whose increasing hostility toward Egypt’s Coptic Christians over the past few months has met with little interference from the country’s military rulers.”  Read more.

Why Egyptians Want War With Israel: It’s in the Koran

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By Robert Spencer – “Fifty-four per cent of Egyptians want to scrap the Camp David accords that have kept an uneasy peace with Israel since 1979—in yet another blow to the credibility of the many analysts and commentators who assured the American people that the Egyptian uprising heralded the dawn of a new, secular democracy there. A new poll conducted by the Pew Research Center reveals that a significant number of Egyptians manifest a deeply ingrained Islamic antisemitism that leads them to hate Israel—and the Camp David accords—for religious, not political, reasons.

‘Strongest among men in enmity to the believers wilt thou find the Jews …’ 5:82. The Koran contains a great deal of material that forms the foundation for a hatred of Jews that has persisted throughout Islamic history. It portrays the Jews as the craftiest, most persistent, and most implacable enemies of the Muslims—and there is no Islamic authority that has moved to mitigate the most destructive interpretations of all this. The Koran’s material on the Jews remains the prism through which far too many Muslims see the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the Camp David accords, and Jews in general to this day.” Read more.

Muslim Brotherhood urges review of Israel ties – “The Muslim Brotherhood opposition group in Egypt has called for a review of the 1978 peace treaty between Egypt and Israel and says it should be resubmitted to a ‘freely elected’ parliament for approval.” Read more.

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