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Islamist Press: “It’s Israel’s Turn to Panic”; “Hizbollah Marches Towards Israel!”

“The radical Islamist Turkish daily Yeni Akit (formerly Vakit) had the headline ‘It’s Israel’s Turn to Panic’ in yesterday’s issue. It wrote that millions of Palestinians were about to march into Israel from Lebanon.

Columnist Ibrahim Karagul of the Islamist Yeni Safak, known to be the semi-official mouthpiece of AKP, also wrote about the pending march under the title ‘Hizbollah Marches to Israel!’

Karagul wrote that a big plan was in the works in Lebanon, that would impact the entire region. He wrote that on May 15, the anniversary of Naqba, Hizbollah and its affiliated organizations would take the Palestinians along and walk towards the Palestinian lands occupied by Israel.

‘It is easy to predict how Israel will react to a huge crowd of people approaching under the umbrella of the (Palestinian) ‘Return Movement’. This march from Lebanon to the occupied territories may spark a new war in the region’ Karagul wrote. He attributed the plan to Iran and Hizbollah’s struggle to hold and keep the ‘Palestinian card’ in their hands, in face of new developments in the region – especially in Syria – that may lead to their losing of Hamas to the influence of the Sunni camp.”  Source.

  1. 05/06/2011 at 1:32 PM

    Here we once again as AtHisFeetr has pointed out we see the colors of the four horses White, Red, Black and Green



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