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Imam in Norway: Behead Those Who Do Not Observe Ramadan or Pray to Allah

“… SISU, who explains a report that aired on Norwegian TV, NRK last night about an Imam, Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari, who is shown saying that in Islam, anyone caught in an Islamic state not fasting during Ramadan is to be beheaded.

The report comes on the heels of an application for an Islamic private school for 200 pupils in Oslo. Apparently the application has been turned down in light of the revelations of the extreme views of the Imam. Apparently the Norwegian government was going to approve of the school until the report aired…

SISU: Imam and private school founder in Oslo, Syed Farasat Ali Bukhari, is firm on his opinion about how to treat those who don’t pay full attention to islam in their daily life. He demands decapitation for those who will not follow Ramadan – in Norway, it was revealed in the daily news Wednesday night…”  Read more.

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