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WikiLeaks: Osama Bin Laden Killed After Tip-Offs from Guantanamo

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By Tim Ross – “Khalid Sheikh Mohammed (KSM), who was repeatedly subjected to methods including ‘waterboarding’ and stress positions, provided the CIA with the name of bin Laden’s personal courier, according to US officials.

A second source – also an al-Qaeda ‘leader’ held at Guantanamo Bay – then confirmed the courier’s identity, sparking an intense manhunt that resulted in the dramatic final raid.

Secret documents seen by The Daily Telegraph disclose that this second source – the terrorist operations chief, Abu Faraj al-Libi – played a key role in finding ‘safe havens’ for bin Laden and lived in the military town where he was finally found.

The killing of the world’s most wanted man as a direct result of information obtained from Guantanamo detainees such as KSM will reignite the debate over whether torture is a legitimate interrogation technique in the ‘war on terror’. Both KSM and al-Libi were subjected to harsh techniques during their interrogations in CIA prisons.”  Read more.

Nearly 10,000 Bats Die in Cave in Pennsylvania

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“Of the 10,000 bats that have hibernated in an abandoned mine in Upper Bucks County for generations, only about 200 are still alive, officials said Friday.

Durham’s bats became infected with White Nose Syndrome, a mysterious disease that’s killing off bat colonies at an alarming rate from Vermont to Virginia.

In late March, Game Commission biologist Greg Turner checked in on the bats hidden in the hillside of Upper Bucks and found near devastation.

‘We’re looking at a 99 percent decline,’ he said.”  Read more.

Taliban: Islamists Planning to Mount Attacks in Response to Death of Osama Bin Laden

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By Ghaith Abdul-Ahad – “A Taliban commander in Afghanistan has promised that his fighters would mount attacks to avenge the killing by US forces of Osama bin Laden.

The commander, who gave his name as Qudos and operates in the northern province of Baghlan, said: “The killing of Osama bin Laden will bring no change to jihad. Osama is the leader of al-Qaida and he is a powerful man in jihad. Losing him will be very painful for the mujahideen, but the shahadat [martyrdom] of Osama, will never stop the jihad. We will continue our fight until we liberate our lands from the Kafirs.”

He said his fighters planned to launch an operation called Bader “to avenge the killing of Osama” and claimed many other similar operations would be launched.” Read more.

Marine Bio/Chem Warfare Unit Recalled to the U.S. as Intel Warns of Possible Revenge Attacks– By SARA JUST and RUSSELL GOLDMAN – “U.S. intelligence and law enforcement authorities warned today that al Qaeda may try to strike back at the U.S. for the death of Osama bin Laden and in a sign of the urgency, an elite unit of Marines who handle chemical and biological weapons attacks was recalled today from Japan.

The death of the world’s most wanted terrorist has security experts at all levels of government concerned that bin Laden’s loyal and fanatical followers could launch a series of deadly attacks.

‘Though bin Laden is dead, al-Qaeda is not,’ said CIA Director Leon Panetta. ‘The terrorists almost certainly will attempt to avenge him, and we must—and will—remain vigilant and resolute. But we have struck a heavy blow against the enemy.’

Former chief of staff to President George W. Bush, Andrew Card, told ABC News that reprisal attacks could already be planned.”  Read more.

Bin Laden’s Son: Worst Is Yet to Come – “[In 2010] Osama bin Laden’s son had a chilling warning for those who were hunting his father with drones, secret agents and missile strikes.

From Omar bin Laden’s up-close look at the next generation of mujahideen and al Qaeda training camps he says the worst may lie ahead, that if his father is killed America may face a broader and more violent enemy, with nothing to keep them in check.” Read more.

WikiLeaks: al Qaeda Threatens ‘Nuclear Hellstorm’ if Bin Laden Captured or Killed

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“The mastermind of the 9/11 attacks warned that al-Qaeda has hidden a nuclear bomb in Europe which will unleash a ‘nuclear hellstorm’ if Osama bin Laden is captured, leaked files revealed.

The terror group also planned to make a 9/11 style attack on London’s Heathrow airport by crashing a hijacked airliner into one of the terminals, the files showed.

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed told Guantanamo Bay interrogators the terror group would detonate the nuclear device if the al-Qaeda chief was captured or killed, according to the classified files released by the WikiLeaks website.

Sheikh Mohammed, the self-professed mastermind of the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States, has been held at Guantanamo since 2006 and is to be tried in a military court at the US naval base on Cuba over the attacks.”  Read more.

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