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Forensic Psychiatrist on Obama’s ‘Birth Certificate’ Speech: President Was ‘Nervous’, ‘Odd’ – Why?

Dr. Keith Ablow, Forensic Psychiatrist: “If you listen to [President Obama’s speech after the release of the birth certificate] and you don’t get into the forensic pathology related to the document itself, from a psychological standpoint it’s a curious speech.  He doesn’t say one in a billion people — one in a million — will find fault with this because there are outliers for everything.  He says 25% of people might have  a prob, that’s a very curious sort of calculus, like why?  Why would only the majority of Americans consider this to be sufficient evidence of his birth?  I wasn’t interested in looking at the birth certificate so much until the speech, which was preceded by a huge rambling series of excuses about why we shouldn’t look at it too closely…

If you’d had inserted two sentences to say, ‘Look of course it’s not real but we have things to do in the country’ I’d say that’s consistent with the tone of the speech… I found him to be quirky, a little nervous, summoning, odd, pauses and smiles… Why be bemused?  Why not just release it two years ago?  It’s not bemusing…”

  1. Jake
    07/10/2011 at 6:24 AM

    Dr. Albow used the word “bemused” incorrectly, but I’m sure that, as a doctor and man of science, he’s otherwise very qualified to corroborate the supernatural conspiracies this site seems to assume are consequential in the least. Cheers, logicians!


  2. ICA
    07/10/2011 at 8:39 AM

    Hi Jake, thank you for your comment. He did not use the word ‘bemused‘ incorrectly, nor is he corroborating the ‘supernatural conspiracies’ of any individual or site. He was attempting to explain the odd behavior of Obama, post-release, from a psychiatrist’s perspective.

    The birth certificate debacle notwithstanding, in an age of scientific discovery and enlightenment logic demands that the universe include the supernatural in defining not only its origins, but also the abundance of integrated biological complexities that are observed the world over. If, as you have inferred, you wish to believe that all which exists or can be observed in the known universe happened on its own as the result of some mere cosmic burp, you are free to do so. But I do not have enough faith to believe that. Something has never come from nothing. Nothing ever could. Nothing ever has. Nothing ever will. Nothing comes from nothing.


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