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Nuclear Engineer Analyzes Current Condition of Fukushima Reactors 1-3, Unit 4 Pool and Monitoring of Fish

A. Gundersen, Chief Nuclear Engineer:  “… What they’re measuring in Unit 2 is not water or steam at all.  It’s hot air, or hot hydrogen.  And that’s a problem.  It tells me that Unit 2 is not being cooled … we should be very concerned that we’re exhausting hot gases out the top of that reactor …

… If we take TEPCO at its word … the iodine deposition on a square meter [Unit 4] was 30,000 MBq.  That’s pushing the numbers at Chernobyl … If we take TEPCO at its word, they had Chernobyl-level releases on the other units which caused the iodine to fall on Unit 4 …

Over the weekend the FDA announced it would not be monitoring fish on the west coast, and I don’t think that’s a good idea … I don’t think we’ll find anything initially, but over the next year as the little fish get eaten by bigger fish get eaten by bigger fish and the plume spreads, we might …”

  1. Roger Desjardins
    02/16/2012 at 3:45 PM

    Hey Arnie, tell us about dump loads. Tell us how fake nuclear reactors are actually boiling off excess electricity and not producing a single watt on it’s own. Tell us how the control room instrumentation are reporting the dumped energy as a positive value. Tell us where the distribution grid excess is being dumped if not in fake commercially-viable nuclear energy production plants. Tell us about the toaster-element-like core that is no more reactive than those in our household convection ovens. Tell us what kind of insane power grid designer would neglect to incorporate a system whereby the 5 billion-dollar so-called nuclear reactor can continue providing power to those people that paid for them when conventionally-produced electrical generating plants on the distribution grid are blacked out? Tell us why all the reactors in a given blackout perimeter fail alongside the coal and hydro if they are not in fact dumping power, not producing it?

    Here is my email Arnie, in case you might like to debate this in a public forum:


    I can prove the industry is bogus. Commercially-viable nuclear energy production is not viable at all and was never implimented. Lets debate the kind of groups that would have the power to con humanity so thoroughly. Lets talk about wjo has the means the motives and opportunities to pass dump loads off as power generating plants.


  2. 05/01/2013 at 4:55 PM

    I’d like to contact you, RD, and do a Skype online talk (two of us, on the lines of Nukelies) – maybe with FirstClassSkeptic ad then there’s be US, Canada, Britain. PLEASE contact nukelies or big-lies.org


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