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Thousands of Dead Fish Float on Vapi Sea Coast, India

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“Tens of thousands of dead fish surfaced on Vapi’s sea coast on Wednesday morning, an incident that locals say is not the first.

Villagers of Kolak and Udwada in Vapi went to the sea coast in the morning to prepare for their daily sojourns into the sea when they were shocked by floating pools of dead fish, a sight they claimed to have come across at least thrice earlier.

They immediately informed the sarpanchs of both villages as residents began gathering on the sea coast to look at the long line of dead fish being washed up ashore.”  Read more.

World Bank: Food Prices Have Entered the ‘Danger Zone’

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By Philip Aldrick – “Robert Zoellick, World Bank president, said food prices are at ‘a tipping point’, having risen 36pc in the last year to levels close to their 2008 peak. The rising cost of food has been much more dramatic in low-income countries, pushing 44m people into poverty since June last year.

Another 10pc rise in food prices would push 10m into extreme poverty, defined as an effective income of less than $1.25 a day. Already, the world’s poor number 1.2bn.

Mr Zoellick said he saw no short term reversal in the damaging effect of food inflation, which is felt much more in the developing world as packaging and distribution accounts for a far larger proportion of the cost in the advanced economies.

Asked if he thought prices would remain high for a year, Mr Zoellick said: ‘The general trend lines are ones where we are in a danger zone… because prices have already gone up and stocks are relatively low.'”  Read more.

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