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20 Signs That A Horrific Global Food Crisis Is Coming

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“In case you haven’t noticed, the world is on the verge of a horrific global food crisis. At some point, this crisis will affect you and your family. It may not be today, and it may not be tomorrow, but it is going to happen. Crazy weather and horrifying natural disasters have played havoc with agricultural production in many areas of the globe over the past couple of years. Meanwhile, the price of oil has begun to skyrocket. The entire global economy is predicated on the ability to use massive amounts of inexpensive oil to cheaply produce food and other goods and transport them over vast distances. Without cheap oil the whole game changes. Topsoil is being depleted at a staggering rate and key aquifers all over the world are being drained at an alarming pace. Global food prices are already at an all-time high and they continue to move up aggressively. So what is going to happen to our world when hundreds of millions more people cannot afford to feed themselves?”  Read more.

Shariamerica: Islam, Obama, and the Establishment Clause

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One of the best commentaries on any subject I’ve heard this year.  Press play.  Sit back.  Be enlightened.

“The U.S. government condemns burning the Qur’an. Yet the U.S. government burns Bibles. This is a clear violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution.”

Palestinians Hail International ‘Birth Certificate’ of Statehood

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“Donor countries meeting in Brussels recognized on Wednesday that the ‘Palestinian Authority (PA) is above the threshold of a functioning state’ – an assessment immediately hailed as a ‘birth certificate’ for a Palestinian state by PA premier Salam Fayyad.

In recent months, the World Bank, the United Nations and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) have certified that Fayyad’s state-building plans are on track for completion in mid-2011.

‘We can today conclude that the Palestinian Authority is above the threshold of a functioning state,’ Norwegian Foreign Minister Jonas Gahr Store said after chairing a meeting of the Ad Hoc Liason Committee, a panel of donor countries to the Palestinians.”  Read more.

Christian Girls Forced to Convert to Islam; Rapes, Coersion, Abuse

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By Agenzia Fides – “LAHORE, Pakistan (Agenzia Fides) – In Pakistan forced conversions to Islam, rapes and forced marriages are on the rise. The victims are mostly Hindu and Christian girls, belonging to religious minorities, complain Fides local sources. This has been a worrying phenomenon for the Church in Pakistan for some time and that the Church is trying to address, looking for the cooperation of institutions but it is an uphill battle.

‘The Christian girls are the weakest and most vulnerable, because their communities are poor, defenceless and marginalized, therefore easily exposed to harassment and threats. Often they do not even have the courage to denounce the violence,’ says a sister to Fides.”  Read more.

Pakistan’s Blasphemy Vigilantes Kill Exonerated Man

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By Nick Paton Walsh – “Talahore, Pakistan (CNN) – Mohamed Imran had been accused, jailed, tried and cleared: if anything, society owed him a debt as a man wrongfully accused.

But his crime was blasphemy. He was meant to have said something derogatory about the prophet Mohammed, so in Pakistan justice worked a little differently.

Two weeks after he returned to his small patch of farmland on the rustic outskirts of Islamabad, his alleged crime caught up with him.” Read more.

Report: Hezbollah and Iran Planning Imminent Attacks Against Western Targets

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“BEIRUT, Lebanon, April 13 (UPI) — Hezbollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard operatives are planning attacks on western targets in the coming days, a Lebanese report said.

The report was based on information gathered by western intelligence agencies monitoring the “recent abnormal movements of cadres suspected of belonging to Hezbollah or the Iranian Revolutionary Guard,” the Beirut Observer Web site said Tuesday.

The report said the attacks are meant to divert global attention from indictments the international United Nations tribunal is expected to serve in the investigation of the assassination of former Lebanese Prime Minister Rafik Hariri.”  Read more.

Cuba Faces Its Worst Drought In 50 Years

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“Cuba is facing its worst drought in half a century, with tens of thousands of families almost entirely reliant on water trucks for essential supplies.

The drought started two years ago, and reservoirs are now down to a fifth of their normal levels.

The government is providing road deliveries of water to more than 100,000 people in the worst affected areas of the capital, Havana.

The situation in Havana is compounded by a pipe network in poor condition.

The state-run newspaper Granma says up to 70% of water pipes supplying the capital are leaking and in urgent need of repair…”  Read more.

Report: Japan Mulls to Move Capital over Disaster Worries

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“As powerful earthquakes continue to jolt Japan and radiation levels near Tokyo are rising, the Asian country’s authorities are considering moving the capital to another city.

The most probable location for a new capital are Osaka and Nagoya, according to ITAR-TASS. Both cities are located near international airports.

The main conditions the new capital has to provide are a population over 50 000 and a sufficient capacity to accommodate the parliament, the government, the Emperor’s residency and the foreign diplomatic missions.”  Read more.

Mass Turtle Death Investigated in Australia

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By Kelli Downey – “INVESTIGATIONS are continuing into the death of 10 green turtles found washed up on the beach in Boyne Island and Tannum Sands.

Nine juveniles and one adult turtle were found dead on the Boyne Island beach and adjacent Canoe Point tip near the mouth of the Boyne River last Sunday.

Seven of the turtles were located dead in Boyne Island with the remaining three found washed up at Tannum Sands.

The discovery was reported by a member of the public to Gladstone and District Wildlife Carers Association about midday.

Group president and wildlife carer Jodi Jones attended Boyne Island beach soon after, witnessing the grisly scene which has deeply angered and upset her.

Mrs Jones said each of the turtles appeared to be healthy, beautiful specimens with no visible signs of trauma.”  Read more.

As The World Moves – Japanese Ground ‘Liquification’ During Earthquake

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The ground moves.  Sways.  Buckles.  And all right before your very eyes. Disorientating. Unsettling. These are not the type of video clips that will encourage Japanese tourism.    Almost makes you wonder if everything will one day just suddenly sink into the Pacific.

Environmental Expert: 400,000 People Could Develop Cancer Within a 200 KM Radius of Fukushima

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Environmental Expert Dr. Christopher Busby: “In my estimation, on the basis of the risk model of the European committee on radiation risks, about 400 thousand people will develop cancer in the 200 km radius if they are not moved out.  We’re talking about 7.8 million people living inside that 200 km radius … I’m basing my predictions on the health effects of the Chernobyl accident and I was in Berlin talking to a lot of researchers from the Chernobyl area who’ve been looking into the effects of the Chernobyl accident and on the basis of those figures it’s possible to predict the number of cancers that will develop in Fukushima.  And also along the coast, I have to say, because the marine sediment is now becoming contaminated and the shell fish will concentrate the radioactivity.  It’s an absolute disaster.”

Briton ‘Beaten to Death’ in a Dubai Police Cell After Being Arrested for Swearing

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By Arthur Martin, Nick Mcdermott and Rebecca Evans – “A British tourist was beaten to death by officers in a Dubai police station after being arrested for swearing, it was claimed yesterday.

Lee Bradley Brown, 39, was on holiday at a £1,000-a-night hotel in the Arab state when he was thrown into a filthy cell.

Police sources say he was ‘badly beaten up’ by a group of police officers, leaving him unconscious on the floor.

Inmates told how they watched officers bundle him into a body-bag and drag him out of the building.

During Mr Brown’s six days in Bur Dubai police station…”  Read more.

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