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Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

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“Radiation from Japan has been detected in drinking water in 13 more American cities, and cesium-137 has been found in American milk—in Montpelier, Vermont—for the first time since the Japan nuclear disaster began, according to data released by the Environmental Protection Agency late Friday.

Milk samples from Phoenix and Los Angeles contained iodine-131 at levels roughly equal to the maximum contaminant level permitted by EPA, the data shows. The Phoenix sample contained 3.2 picoCuries per liter of iodine-131. The Los Angeles sample contained 2.9. The EPA maximum contaminant level is 3.0…” Read more.


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Three Churches Attacked, Egyptian Military Sides With Radical Muslims

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(AINA) — In the last two weeks three attacks on churches were undertaken by Salafis or Islamic Fundamentalists in Egypt. The Salafis demanded churches move to locations outside communities and be forbidden from making repairs, ‘even if they are so dilapidated that the roofs will collapse over the heads of the congregation,’ says Father Estephanos Shehata of Samalut Coptic Diocese.

The latest of these incidents took place in the village of Kamadeer, in Samalout, Minya province on April 5, which escalated to the point where it was feared the church would be torched and demolished, as was done in the case of St. George and St. Mina Church in village of Soul, Atfif, on March 5 (AINA 3-5-2011). For three days Muslims occupied the entrance to St. John the Beloved Church in the village of Kamadeer with their mats, praying and sleeping there while thousands of village Copts staged a sit-in for three continuous days in front of the Minya governorate building, vowing not to leave until they got their church back. ‘Even if it takes one year, we will still be here,’ said Fr. Youssab in the rally.”  Read more.


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Penguins Go Bald Due to Mystery Disease

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By Michael Marshall – “Something is causing young penguins in South Africa and Argentina to lose their feathers.

The condition was first seen in black-footed penguins (see picture, top) in a rehabilitation centre in South Africa in 2006. The following year it was found in wild Magellanic penguins, living on the other side of the Atlantic in Argentina. Wild penguins in South Africa have also been affected.” Read more.

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Large Numbers of Shrimp and Seatrout Killed by ‘Cold Weather’

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By Teresa Stepzinski – “BRUNSWICK – Georgia’s shrimping fleet could spend a couple more weeks in port because below-normal winter temperatures apparently killed a large number of shrimp as well as spotted seatrout in the coastal estuaries.

‘We’ll likely delay the opening of state waters to food-shrimp harvest to allow more of the shrimp that survived the winter to spawn before being caught,’ Pat Geer, chief of marine fisheries for the Georgia Department of Natural Resources, said Friday.”  Read more.



6.1 Magnitude Earthquake Reported Off Coast Of Kyushu, Japan

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“Kyushu, Japan-(ENEWSPF)- The United States Geological Survey issued a preliminary report of a 6.1 magnitude earthquake off the coast of Kyushu, Japan. Rumbling at a depth of 21 km, the quake reportedly struck at 6:57:49 p.m. CDT Saturday night.

The epicenter was located 214 km (133 miles) SE (145 degrees) of Kagoshima, Kyushu, Japan”  Read more.

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Inside Report From Fukushima Nuclear Reactor Evacuation Zone

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“Fukushima, Japan – The Japanese government has issued the evacuation order on March 12 for the residents living within the 20 kilometer radius of the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant.

Since then, residents have left their homes, and the “no man land” has been out of touch with the rest of the world.

A Japanese journalist, Tetsuo Jimbo, ventured through the evacuation zone last Sunday, and filed the following video report.

He says that, inside the evacuation zone, homes,building, roads and bridges, which were torn down by Tsunami, are left completely untouched, and the herd of cattle and pet dogs, left behind by the owners, wonders around the town while the radiation level remains far beyond legal limits.

Watch the video report.”

Rush to Use Crops as Fuel Raises Food Prices and Hunger Fears

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By ELISABETH ROSENTHAL – “The starchy cassava root has long been an important ingredient in everything from tapioca pudding and ice cream to paper and animal feed.

But last year, 98 percent of cassava chips exported from Thailand, the world’s largest cassava exporter, went to just one place and almost all for one purpose: to China to make biofuel. Driven by new demand, Thai exports of cassava chips have increased nearly fourfold since 2008, and the price of cassava has roughly doubled.

Each year, an ever larger portion of the world’s crops — cassava and corn, sugar and palm oil — is being diverted for biofuels as developed countries pass laws mandating greater use of nonfossil fuels…” Read more.


Hunger Forecast to Become Global Reality

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By Bob Unruh – “Joel Berg, executive director of the New York City Coalition Against Hunger, recently told a blog on city issues that hunger is growing, food supplies are short and the situation in general is ‘miserable.’

… There have been food shortages recently in Japan and Australia, both of which were slammed by earthquakes and had their supply chains disrupted. But there also have been shortages in Pakistan and Kenya. In addition, officials are worried China is headed toward foot shortages, and virtually around the globe food prices are on a sharp upward surge, a signal that either demand or supply is changing dramatically.” Read more.


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