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Haaretz WikiLeaks Exclusive ‘Hezbollah Expected to Launch 100 Missiles a Day at Tel Aviv’

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By Yossi Melman – “Israel expects the next war against Hezbollah will last two months, during which 24,000 to 36,000 rockets and missiles are expected to be launched at Israel − about 6,000 of them aimed at Tel Aviv, Wikileaks documents reveal.

Telegrams sent from the U.S. Embassy summing up talks between American and Israeli officials in November 2009 cite a Mossad official as saying Hezbollah is expected to launch 400-600 missiles at Israel a day − 100 of which will be aimed at Tel Aviv, over the course of two months.” Read more.


At Least 8 Dead, 41 Injured After Freak Sandstorm in Germany

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(AP) – “BERLIN — A sandstorm in northern Germany caused a huge highway pileup Friday that killed eight people and injured at least 41 others, police said.

Rostock police spokesman Volker Werner said rescue operations were still under way and the death toll could rise.

At least 41 people were injured, many of them seriously, and were brought to nearby hospitals. Others who suffered shocks or bruising received treatment on the spot, Werner said.” Read more.


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Walid Shoebat and Forum For Middle East Understanding Launches ‘End Times Today’ Teaching Series

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All 13 eye-opening and thought-provoking episodes can now be viewed online. See comments section below. If you would like to purchase this important teaching series (recommended), please click here 

“My name is Walid Shoebat.  I was born as a Muslim who desired the destruction of God’s people.  In trying to disprove the God of the Bible, I actually found Him.  Now I have dedicated my life to revealing the truth about Islam.  In this series we will discuss Biblical end times prophecy and what the God of the Bible has to say about the very days we are living in …” – Walid Shoebat.

Destroying One Koran vs. Destroying Many Christians

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By Raymond Ibrahim – “The now infamous Koran burning by Florida pastor Terry Jones has created hysteria in the Muslim world. In Afghanistan alone, some twenty people, including U.N. workers, have been killed and beheaded to screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ Western leaders around the globe—including Obama and members of Congress—have unequivocally condemned Jones’ actions (without bothering to point out that freedom of expression is a prized American liberty). Many are even blaming the deaths in Afghanistan directly on Jones; Bill O’Reilley says he has ‘blood on his hands.’

Yet, as Western leaders rush to profess their abhorrence at what one American did to one inanimate book, let’s take a quick look at what many Muslims are doing to many living and breathing Christians around the Islamic world—to virtually no media coverage or Western condemnation:”  Read more.

Moderate Cleric Speaking Against Radical Islam is Blown to Bits

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By PARVAIZ BUKHARI And TOM WRIGHT – “SRINAGAR, India—An improvised explosive device detonated outside a mosque in Srinagar, the capital of India’s portion of the disputed Himalayan territory of Kashmir, killing a moderate Muslim cleric and showing how militants are still able to mount attacks despite a massive security crackdown by Indian forces.

The cleric, Maulana Showkat Ahmad Shah, was entering a mosque in the old part of Srinagar to deliver Friday prayers when the bomb went off. One other person was injured and there was little damage. Police said the small explosive was tied to a bicycle at the back entrance to the mosque and was detonated as Mr. Shah entered the compound.” Read more.



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At Least 11 Dead in Massacre at Rio de Janeiro School, Killer Said To Have ‘Gotten Closer to Islam’ Recently

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“RIO DE JANEIRO — At least 11 people, mostly children, died Thursday and more that 15 were wounded when an armed man attacked a school in Realengo in the poor suburbs of Rio de Janeiro…

Police Col. Djalma Beltrami said the killer used two handguns and a lot of ammunition. The suspect left behind a letter, in which he anticipated committing suicide after the attack. Beltrami, however, gave no details of any possible motive.

Beltrami described the letter as ‘the words of a person who no longer believes in anything, full of sentences that made no sense and references to Islamic fundamentalism.’

Roselane de Oliveira, a sister of the attacker, told Rio de Janeiro radio station Band News that the young man ‘was very strange.’…

In recent months, she said, he appeared to have got closer to Islam.”  Read more.

4.2 Mag Earthquake Hit Greenbrier, Arkansas Friday Morning

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“GREENBRIER, Ark. (AP) – A magnitude 4.2 earthquake has been recorded in north-central Arkansas – the largest quake in the region since two natural gas companies agreed to close nearby injection wells last month.

The U.S. Geological Survey recorded the quake at 9:56 a.m. Wednesday about three miles northeast of Greenbrier. It’s one of 10 quakes the U.S.G.S has recorded in the region since a 3.9 magnitude quake recorded at 6:11 p.m. Wednesday.”  Read more.



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Massive Debris Field From Japan Quake Floating Toward West Coast of North America

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By DAILY MAIL REPORTER – “A vast field of debris, swept out to sea following the Japan earthquake and tsunami, is floating towards the U.S. West Coast, it has emerged.

More than 200,000 buildings were washed out by the enormous waves that followed the 9.0 quake on March 11.

There have been reports of cars, tractor-trailers, capsized ships and even whole houses bobbing around in open water.

But even more grisly are the predictions of U.S. oceanographer Curtis Ebbesmeyer, who is expecting human feet, still in their shoes, to wash up on the West Coast within three years.” Read more.

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At Least 9 Volcanic Quakes Recorded in Taal, Philippines Over Past 24 Hours

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“MANILA, Philippines – Nine volcanic earthquakes were recorded by Taal Volcano’s seismic network during the past 24 hours, the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) said on Friday.

Phivolcs’ findings also showed that there was a remarkable increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration, which indicated ‘anomalous gas release from the magma at depth’.

Phivolcs said the findings do not show an imminent eruption, but advised the public to strictly observe some safety precautions.”  Read more.


True Toll of Deepwater Disaster May Be 50 Times Worse Than Thought

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By ClickGreen staff – “The recorded impact of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill on wildlife may have severely underestimated the number of deaths of whales and dolphins, according to a new report.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster of 2010 devastated the Gulf region ecologically and economically. However, a new study published in Conservation Letters reveals that the true impact of the disaster on wildlife may be gravely underestimated. The study argues that fatality figures based on the number of recovered animal carcasses will not give a true death toll, which may be 50 times higher than believed.”  Read more.


Scientists Link Oil On Dolphins to BP Spill

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By Leigh Coleman – “(Reuters) – Scientists confirmed on Thursday that they have discovered oil on dead dolphins found along the U.S. Gulf Coast, raising fresh concerns about the effects of last year’s BP oil spill on sea life.

Fifteen of the 406 dolphins that have washed ashore in the last 14 months had oil on their bodies, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists said during a conference call with reporters.

The oil found on eight of those dolphins has been linked to the April 2010 BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, scientists said.”  Read more.

Yesterday’s 7.1 Mag Aftershock Damages Another Japan Nuclear Plant

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“Waters leaks have been found at another nuclear power plant after a strong aftershock hit Japan on Wednesday but there has been no change in radiation levels outside the plant, according to its operator.

A powerful 7.1 magnitude earthquake on Thursday jolted the Miyagi prefecture on the northeast coast, the area devastated by a massive earthquake and tsunami in March.

At least three people were killed and more than 100 injured in the aftershock.”  Read more.


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