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Caterpillar Plague Invades East Java Villages

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By Amir Tejo – “Surabaya. East Java’s deputy governor has ordered officials to prepare for possible evacuations in areas hit by a caterpillar outbreak, a report said on Friday.

Saifullah Yusuf also requested authorities to monitor the situation in Probolinggo district, where villages were swamped by thousands of caterpillars, said Edi Purwinarti, the governor’s assistant on people’s welfare.

‘So far, the condition is not that bad yet,’ Edi said on Friday.

‘The possibility of evacuating residents is [an option] if the conditions become worrying or dangerous,’ Edi was quoted by as saying.

In the past two weeks, the swarm has spread to five subdistricts in Probolinggo, with the insects crawling into homes and fields, causing skin rashes among residents.

The herbivorous insects have also destroyed more than 8,800 mango trees — the district’s main agricultural product.” Read more.


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6.7 Magnitude Quake Strikes Off Coast of Indonesia

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“Hundreds of residents fled an Indonesian port town for higher ground on Monday when an earthquake struck south of Java with a magnitude estimated by US seismologists at 6.7.

The epicentre in the Indian Ocean was 24 kilometres (15 miles) miles deep, the US Geological Survey said, after initially estimating it at 10 kilometres underground, and 277 kilometres south of the Javanese coast.

Indonesian seismologists put the magnitude at 7.1 and issued a tsunami warning, saying the tremor had the potential to cause a killer wave and asking recipients of its public alert SMS to warn others of the danger.”  Read more.

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6.4 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes South of Fiji

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“WELLINGTON — A 6.4-magnitude earthquake struck the Fiji region on Monday, the US Geological Survey said, but no tsunami warning was immediately issued.

The undersea quake hit 321 kilometres (200 miles) west of Suva at a depth of 555 kilometres at 2:07 am (1407 GMT), USGS said.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre which monitors the region and issues bulletins in the event of a tsunami being generated had no such warning in force.” Read more.

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Dengue Fever Outbreak Hits Hawaii

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By Charles Simmins – “Hawaii has become the second U.S. state to have discovered an outbreak of locally acquired dengue fever. Florida has been combating its own local outbreak since September 2009. The Hawaii Department of Health reported on March 24 it had discovered two cases and suspected two more. Since then, KGMB reports four confirmed and 12 suspected cases. Florida saw 85 locally acquired cases in 2009 and 2010.

Dengue Fever and its far more serious variant, dengue hemorrhagic fever, are transmitted from patient to patient by the bite of a mosquito. The Asian Tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) and the Yellow Fever mosquito (Aedes aegypti) are the two primary vectors for the illness in the United States. Both mosquitoes are highly adapted to living around humans and are day feeders. The Asian Tiger mosquito has even evolved to a slower rate of beating its wings, which reduces the whine or hum typically noticed by people when mosquitoes are near.”  Read more.


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Hunger Kills Several in Somalia, Islamists Refuse Aid From Non-Muslims

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Revelation 6:8, “And power was given unto them over the fourth part of the earth, to kill with sword, and with hunger, and with death, and with the beasts of the earth.”

By Shafi’i Abokar – “At least seven people, mostly children, have recently died from hunger in Somalia as the country endures the worst drought in the past decade. Villagers from Mahaa Saeed, in eastern Shabelle, tell AHN that three adults, two children and two elderly women died of famine.

‘The humanitarian situation here is very precarious, people are dying because of lack of food to eat and water to drink—a humanitarian disaster may take place here if the need assistance is not met on time,’ a village elder who asked for anonymity told AHN by telephone, early Sunday morning.

The old man concealed his name because anti-government militants do not want the Somali people to send relief requests to the international community. The villager called on the terror group al Shabaab to lift a ban it has imposed on aid agencies so that relief workers can reach people in the region. Militants banned aid agencies in 2009, saying they were Western spies and were spreading anti-Islamic ideology.”  Read more.

Report: Hamas, Hezbollah and al Qaeda Operatives in Brazil Planning Attacks Abroad

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By Reuters – “Operatives from Hamas, Hezbollah, and al Qaida are in Brazil planning attacks, raising money and recruiting followers, a leading Brazilian news magazine reported on Saturday.

The report renews prior concerns about the nation serving as a hide-out for Islamic militants.

Veja magazine, in its online edition, reported that at least 20 people affiliated with al Qaida as well as the Lebanese Shi’ite Muslim group Hezbollah, the Palestinian group Hamas and two other organizations have been hiding out in the South American country.

The magazine said these operatives have been raising money and working to incite attacks abroad. The magazine cited Brazilian police and U.S. government reports, but did not give details on specific targets or operations.” Read more.


Author of Israel-Hamas Goldstone Report Now Admits: Israel Did Not Intentionally Target Civilians

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“(CNN) — The chairman of a U.N. mission whose report accused Israel of ‘actions amounting to war crimes’ during its fight against Hamas says he would have reached different conclusions if the Israeli military had been more forthcoming and if he had known the results of subsequent investigations.

‘If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a different document,’ wrote Richard Goldstone, a former South African jurist, in a Washington Post op-ed column Friday.

Israel, which has long been critical of the conclusions presented to the U.N. Human Rights Council on its war against Hamas forces in Gaza in 2008-09, on Saturday called for the body to cancel the findings.

‘Everything we said has proven to be true,’ said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. ‘Israel did not intentionally harm civilians, its institutions and investigative bodies are worthy, while the Hamas intentionally fired upon innocent civilians and did not examine anything. The fact that Goldstone backtracked must lead to the shelving of this report once and for all.’

There was no immediate reaction from Hamas.”  Read more.

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Fukushima ‘Much Bigger Than Chernobyl’, Says Russian Nuclear Activist

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“JAPAN’S unfolding nuclear disaster is “much bigger than Chernobyl” and could rewrite the international scale used to measure the severity of atomic accidents, a Russian expert says.

‘Chernobyl was a dirty bomb explosion. The next dirty bomb is Fukushima and it will cost much more’ in economic and human terms, Natalia Mironova said.

Ms Mironova is thermodynamic engineer who became a leading anti-nuclear activist in Russia in the wake of the accident at the Soviet-built reactor in Ukraine in 1986.

‘Fukushima is much bigger than Chernobyl,’ she said, adding that the Japanese nuclear crisis was likely to eclipse Chernobyl on the seven-point international scale used to rate nuclear disasters.”  Read more.


Iranian-Funded Hizbullah is Building Army, Contrary to UN Resolution

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By Hillel Fendel – “In direct violation of the UN-mandated ceasefire resolution ending the Second Lebanon War, Hizbullah is building an army in southern Lebanon.

The IDF Spokesman announced today that the Hizbullah terrorist organization has built bases or mini-bases in as many as 270 civilian villages throughout southern Lebanon.

In addition, Hizbullah continues to acquire munitions and strengthen itself in general, helped by funding and smuggling from Syria and Iran. Hizbullah’s arsenal includes weapons that can reach Tel Aviv and its environs.” Read more.


Hundreds of Penguins Killed After Massive Oil Spill

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“SOUTH ATLANTIC OCEAN — On an island chain located halfway between Africa and Argentina, local authorities say a massive penguin rescue operation is under way.

A mix of island officials and resident volunteers are struggling to save tens of thousands of Northern Rockhopper penguins threatened by an oil spill in the remote stretches of the south Atlantic, roughly 1,500 miles west of Cape Town, South Africa.

The islands’ conservation director said at least 300 penguins have died after a cargo ship leaked thousands of tons of heavy oil, diesel fuel and soya bean near Nightingale Island, a British territory part of the Tristan da Cunha archipelago.”  Read more.


Does Iran Believe That The Mahdi Will Arrive in August 2011?

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As many are well aware, President Ahmadinejad has been in office now for over 5 years and seems to bask in the limelight as the ‘prophetic mouthpiece’ for the Mahdi every chance he gets.  This Shia ‘Twelver’ believes, in additional to many Sunni Imams, that the ‘Islamic savior‘ is about to soon arrive, but before he does the world must be in a time of chaos and war.  Reza Kahlili, an undercover CIA agent in Iran’s Revolutionary Guard, reveals how the Iranian leadership believes that “72 months [6 years] prior to the reappearance of Imam Mahdi, this mythical figure … takes power, and they say this mythical figure is Ahmadinejad.  So Ahmadinejad has been in office for over 5 years.  That gives us a year of timeline.  They’re clearly telling us that within a year they’re gonna create the circumstances needed for the Imam Mahdi to come … understand this, they [the Iranians] have got over 1000 ballistic missiles right now …”

1000 ballistic missiles for what?   To attack Israel and America.  It’s a known fact that Iran has been working closely with North Korea for many years.  If they have 1000 ballistic missiles ready to launch, my question is this:  Do we assume that they only contain conventional warheads? …

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