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Nuclear Expert: ‘Fukushima – Undoubtedly the Biggest Nuclear Disaster Since Chernobyl’

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Newsclick interviews Dr. A. Gopalakrishnan, former chairman of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board in India on March 24, 2011. He speaks about the primary reasons for the continuing disaster in the Fukushima reactors following a major earthquake and tsunami in Japan.


Life Threatened, Iranian Christian Finds Refuge in U.S.

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“COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (BP)–Babak Bighash was an electrical engineer for a major government agency in Iran, commuting more than 800 miles every two weeks between his home and workplace. He was a fairly devout Muslim yet he had unanswered questions about Islam.

About 10 years ago, he managed to pick up a Christian radio broadcast in Iran, and he heard the story of Jesus and the woman caught in adultery.

‘After I heard the answer of Jesus and how He could pardon her, it was like a light of faith in my heart,’ Bighash told Baptist Press in an interview from Colorado Springs, Colo., where he has found fellowship and support at Vista Grande Baptist Church.

‘Before I heard about Jesus, what I heard was violence, kill, kill. More than 300 times in the Quran you can read that Allah says kill people by this specification.'”  Read more.

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Muslims Again Demand Sharia For Britain

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Written By R. Cort Kirkwood – “Muslim protesters, some of them women clad in black burqas, marched in London last week to demand Sharia law for the United Kingdom.

The march did not receive much publicity in the British press, although it made the rounds on the Internet via YouTube.

The protesters carried signs with disturbing anti-American and anti-European messages. ‘Islam the solution for mankind,’ one said, while another proclaimed that ‘democracy will bring oppression.’ Another called the United States, Britain, and France a ‘trinity of evil,’ while fourth warned that ‘Sharia will dominate the world.’

Sharia is the Islamic law by which many Muslims wish to be governed.”  Read more.


German Muslim Leaders Angry After Interior Minister Asks For Help In Fight Against Radical Islam

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“German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said on Tuesday Muslims should help root out Islamists in their community, announcing a new initiative targeting extremists like the one responsible for a recent deadly attack on US soldiers in Frankfurt.

The conservative minister, presenting his plans to Muslim groups at the government’s so-called Islam Conference in Berlin, said he planned to promote closer cooperation between security officials and the Muslim community.

After the recent murder of two US airmen at the Frankfurt Airport by an allegedly freshly radicalized Islamist, Friedrich said more should be done to understand the hidden world of jihadists. On Tuesday he said the government and Muslims should work together to fight violent extremism.

But Muslim leaders and members of the socialist Left party accused Friedrich of misusing the Islam Conference, which was initiated in 2006 as an attempt to open a healthier dialogue with some four million Muslims living in Germany to improve their integration into society.”  Read more.


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Third Church Attacked as Pakistani Extremists Declare War Over Florida Koran Burning

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By Jibran Khan – “Islamabad (AsiaNews) – An armed group of seven people attacked the Catholic Church of St. Thomas in the military district of Wah, about 45 km from Islamabad. The attack took place at 6.30 pm yesterday, while the security guard was absent. The extremists hurled stones, damaged the building and tried to set fire to it, but they did not shoot. Yesterday’s was the third attack against a church in Pakistan less than a week. The escalation of violence is a result of the mad act – repeatedly condemned by Christians in Pakistan and India – of pastor Wayne Sapp, who last March 20, in Florida burned a copy of the Koran under the supervision of the evangelical preacher Terry Jones.”  Read more.

Syria Government Resigns in Effort to Appease Protesters

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“Syria’s Cabinet resigned Tuesday to help quell a wave of popular fury that erupted more than a week ago and is now threatening President Bashar Assad’s 11-year rule in one of the most authoritarian and closed-off nations in the Middle East.

Assad, whose family has controlled Syria for four decades, is trying to calm the growing dissent with a string of concessions. He is expected to address the nation in the next 24 hours to lift emergency laws in place since 1963 and moving to annul other harsh restrictions on civil liberties and political freedoms.”  Read more.

Japan on ‘Maximum’ Radiation Alert as Poison Particles from Nuke Plant are Found in OXFORDSHIRE

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By Richard Shears

  • Traces of radioactive iodide from Fukushima leak also found in Glasgow
  • Pool of radioactive water found outside stricken power station complex
  • Workers battle to remove contaminated water but source of leak is unknown
  • True readings are 100,000 times above normal – but not 10m as earlier stated
  • Crews find traces of plutonium in soil outside stricken complex
  • Protesters warn of ‘another Fukushima’ at Hamaoka plant in quake hotspot
  • Final death toll from earthquake and tsunami expected to top 18,000

Radiation from the Fukushima leak has also been detected across Britain, it was confirmed today as Japan was put on ‘maximum’ alert.

The Health Protection Agency revealed that radioactive iodine had already been discovered 5,500 miles from the stricken plant in Oxfordshire and Glasgow.

Air samples are being tested elsewhere in Britain over fears that much of the country could be hit by the radioactive plume.

Dr Michael Clark of the HPA said: ‘Very low levels of radioactivity, traceable to Fukushima, have been detected at monitoring stations in the UK including Chilton, in Oxfordshire, and Glasgow, in Scotland.”  Read more.

Facebook Drops Uprising Page After Israel Protest

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“JERUSALEM (AP) — A Facebook page calling on Palestinians to take up arms against Israel has been removed from the social-networking site after a high-profile Israeli appeal.

Entitled ‘Third Palestinian Intifada,’ the page had more than 350,000 fans before it was taken down. Facebook didn’t comment the removal on Tuesday.

Israeli Cabinet Minister Yuli Edelstein said in a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg that the page included calls to kill Jews and for ‘liberating’ Jerusalem through violence.”  Read more.

Muslim Jihad in Christian Ethiopia: Lessons for the West

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By Raymond Ibrahim – “Not only does last week’s Muslim rampage against Ethiopia’s Christians highlight the travails Christians encounter wherever Islam has a sizable population, but it offers several insights, including some which should concern faraway, secular nations with Muslim minorities.  According to Fox News:

‘Thousands of Christians have been forced to flee their homes in Western Ethiopia after Muslim extremists set fire to roughly 50 churches and dozens of Christian homes. At least one Christian has been killed, many more have been injured and anywhere from 3,000 to 10,000 have been displaced in the attacks that began March 2 after a Christian in the community of Asendabo was accused of desecrating the Koran.’

For starters, this ‘medieval’ attack is a reminder that countless churches have been destroyed or desecrated by jihadist terror since Islam rose to power in the Medieval era, evincing centuries of continuity.” Read more.

Iran Secretly Executes Jewish-Armenian Couple; Christians Concerned

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“TEHRAN, IRAN (BosNewsLife)– Iran has secretly executed a Jewish-Armenian couple and three other persons, raising concerns about other religious minority prisoners in the strict Islamic nation, Iranian Christians and rights activists confirmed Sunday, March 27.

The independent Iranian Christian news agency Mohabat News said Adiva Mirza Soleiman Kalimi, a Jewish Iranian, and her husband Varoujan Petrosian, an Armenian Iranian Christian, were executed in Tehran’s notorious Evin Prison. One other woman and two men, whose identities were not revealed, were also killed, the agency reported.

The Human Rights Activists News Agency, founded by Iranian activists, said the execution was confirmed by a branch of Iran’s Revolutionary Court based inside the Evin prison.”  Read more.

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Iran Burns Bibles, Condemns Quran Burning

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By Paul Marshall – “Iran’s official Fars news agency reports that the Iranian Foreign Ministry ‘strongly condemned the recent insult to the Muslims’ holy book in the US state of Florida, and warned that Washington attempts to spread Islamophobia in the world.’ Ministry spokesman Ramin Mehman-Parast condemned the “abhorrent” crime as ‘contributing to US hegemonic plots, which seek to create a rift between divine religions.’

The event in question occurred last Sunday, when preacher Wayne Sapp set fire to a copy of the Quran in Florida. Sapp is a member of the Dove World Outreach Center, headed by Pastor Terry Jones, who famously threatened to burn a Quran last September 11, and achieved short-lived fame.

NRO readers may remember that Iran recently suspended Hohabet News after it reported that the Iranian government itself had seized and burned 600 New Testaments in Salmas.”  Read more.

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When The Fukushima Meltdown Hits Groundwater

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By Dr. Tom Burnett – “Fukushima is going to dwarf Chenobyl. The Japanese government has had a level 7 nuclear disaster going for almost a week but won’t admit it.

The disaster is occurring the opposite way than Chernobyl, which exploded and stopped the reaction. At Fukushima, the reactions are getting worse. I suspect three nuclear piles are in meltdown and we will probably get some of it.

If reactor 3 is in meltdown, the concrete under the containment looks like lava.  But Fukushima is not far off the water table. When that molten mass of self-sustaining nuclear material gets to the water table it won’t simply cool down. It will explode ­ not a nuclear explosion, but probably enough to involve the rest of the reactors and fuel rods at the facility.”  Read more.

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