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Hundreds of Fish Dead in Gulf Shores

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“Reported by: Local 15 News Staff – (DAUPHIN ISLAND, Ala.) – Hundreds of dead fish have washed ashore, and officials are trying to determine what killed them.

The discovery was made around 7 a.m. Saturday on at least a three-mile stretch of beach near the Gulf State Park Pier.

‘We usually don’t get any around the pier here until sometime in the late summer. Right now they’re dead, everybody I talked to got them down on the beach everywhere,’ Gulf State Park spokesman Charles Kelley said.”  Source.

Thousands Of Dead Fish Wash Up Near The Baltic Sea

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Up to six tons of dead fish according to reports.

Emergency Workers Flee Nuclear Plant After Report of Radioactivity Reaching ’10 Million Times Higher Than Normal’

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(AP) “TOKYO — Emergency workers struggling to pump contaminated water from Japan’s stricken nuclear complex fled from one of the troubled reactors Sunday after reporting a huge increase in radioactivity — a spike that officials later apologetically said was inaccurate.

The apology came after employees fled the complex’s Unit 2 reactor when a reading showed radiation levels had reached 10 million times higher than normal in the reactor’s cooling system. Officials said they were so high that the worker taking the measurements had withdrawn before taking a second reading.

On Sunday night, though, plant operators said that while the water was contaminated with radiation, the extremely high reading was a mistake.

‘The number is not credible,’ said Tokyo Electric Power Co. spokesman Takashi Kurita. ‘We are very sorry.’

He said officials were taking another sample to get accurate levels, but did not know when the results would be announced.”  Read more.

Update:  It’s ‘only’ 100,000 times higher than normal.

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