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Radiation Is Extending Beyond Safety Zone, Report Says

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“By JURO OSAWA – TOKYO—Levels of radioactivity from Japan’s damaged Fukushima Daiichi nuclear complex are above government limits for infants in some areas outside the plant’s 12-mile evacuation zone, according to the latest estimate to fuel an international debate over how close civilians should be allowed to the plant.

The new estimate, by a state-funded monitoring body, came as fears over Tokyo’s tap water eased. Tests Thursday showed radioactive material in a major plant supplying water to the capital has fallen beneath the level the government says could pose long-term health risks to infants. Elevated levels at the plant Tuesday and Wednesday sparked official warnings and bottled-water sales.

Japan’s Nuclear Safety Technology Center, a government monitoring group, released the estimate late Wednesday of the cumulative exposure to radiation in zones surrounding the Fukushima Daiichi complex. The estimate covered the 12 days since Japan’s March 11 earthquake and tsunami spurred fires, explosions and spikes in radioactivity levels at the complex.”  Read more.

Ethiopia’s Muslims Attack Christians

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AARON MAASHO – “The hollow chants of ‘Allahu Akbar!’ reverberating from a distance seemed innocuous at first for Abera Gutema, who ventured home quietly from his shop just a short distance away. But moments later, a large, angry mob of machete-wielding Muslim youths descended on his family’s dwelling and chased him out, before burning and looting his property.

Abera, a Christian, escaped through a back door, clutching his infant son Eyoel in one hand.

By the time the smoke cleared, all that remained of his hard-earned belongings had been reduced to rubble, not to mention the theft of 100,000 birr ($6,000) — his lifetime savings.

‘They were our friends, our neighbours with whom we shared everything,’ said Abera, his eyes watering with tears.

‘I never thought that this day would ever come.'”  Read more.

Islamists Kill a Pastor in Mauritania

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“International Christian Concern (ICC) has learned that on March 5 Islamists kidnapped and killed a pastor in Oulata, Mauritania.  Pastor Ahmadou Abu Bakr’s bullet-ridden body was found dumped on the outskirts of the city on the morning of March 6th.

Last year, Pastor Ahmadou had fled the city of Nema to Oulata, because he was threatened by a local Islamist group affiliated with Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) because of his Christian witness.  Pastor Ahmadou’s murderers arrived from Nema in a 4-by-4 pickup truck, according to an eyewitness who asked to remain anonymous for security reasons.”  Read more.

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Egypt’s Christians Fear Radical Muslim Takeover

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CBN News – “Many Christians in Egypt are concerned that members of the Muslim Brotherhood and other Islamists are poised to takeover the unstable country after a recent vote to amend Egypt’s Constitution.

Nearly 80 percent of Egyptians voted over the weekend in favor of a referendum that would ease restrictions on political participation and limit the presidency to two four-year terms.

The majority of Egypt’s tiny Christian community voted against the constitutional amendments.

Ramez Atallah, leader of the Bible Society of Egypt, is among the opponents.”  Source.

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Christian in Bangladesh Goes to Prison for Evangelism

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“DHAKA, Bangladesh, March 23 (CDN) — A Christian has been sentenced to one year in prison for ‘creating chaos’ by selling and distributing Christian books and other literature near a major Muslim gathering north of this capital city.

A magistrate court in Gazipur district handed down the sentence to Biplob Marandi, a 25-year-old tribal Christian, on Feb. 28 after he was arrested near the massive Bishwa Ijtema (World Muslim Congregation) on the banks of the Turag River near Tongi town on Jan. 21.

A copy of the verdict says that he was sentenced according to Section 296 of Bangladeshi law 1860 for ‘creating chaos at a religious gathering.’

‘Duty police found Marandi creating chaos as he was propagating his religion, Christianity, by distributing the tracts as a mobile court on Jan. 21 was patrolling near the field of the Bishwa Ijtema,’ the verdict reads. ‘The accusation – creating chaos at a Muslim gathering by distributing Christian booklets and tracts – against him was read out in the court before him, and he admitted it. He also told the court that he had mainly wanted to propagate his religion, Christianity.'”  Read more.


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Christian Woman Lawyer Told She Cannot Represent People Before Malaysia’s Islamic Courts

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“Kuala Lumpur (AsiaNews/Agencies) – A Christian woman lawyer in Malaysia was unsuccessful in her bid to obtain a permit to practice law before Shari’a courts. Victoria Jayaseele Martin said she wanted to represent non-Muslims. Malaysia has a dual legal system, a secular system for non-Muslim Malaysians and a religious one for Muslims, who constitute the country’s majority.

Ms Jayaseele Martin objected to a decision by a religious council to bar non-Muslim lawyers from Shari’a courts, but a judge in Kuala Lumpur rejected her claim. She said however that she would appeal to a higher court to argue that the ruling against her was unconstitutional.”  Read more.

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The 144,000 and the Great Multitude – It’s Not What You May Think

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Revelation 7:1-4, “After these things I saw four angels standing at the four corners of the earth, holding the four winds of the earth, that the wind should not blow on the earth, on the sea, or on any tree. Then I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God. And he cried with a loud voice to the four angels to whom it was granted to harm the earth and the sea, saying, ‘Do not harm the earth, the sea, or the trees till we have sealed the servants of our God on their foreheads.’ And I heard the number of those who were sealed. One hundred and forty-four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel were sealed …”

Many of us have been taught that the 144,000 of Revelation 7 were literally all Jewish virgin men — and exactly 12,000 each from the 12 tribes of Israel — that would “go through the tribulation” in an effort to evangelize an untold number of lost souls to the saving knowledge of Christ after a pre-trib rapture of Christians, and that they would do all of this without the guidance, giftings, empowerment and conviction power of the Holy Spirit (cf John 15:26; 16:8-11).   That was pretty much the story I had been given growing up, sometimes with slight variations of the narrative depending on who was teaching or preaching at the time.   But have you ever wondered how on earth they could find salvation if they were not saved at the time of a “pre-trib rapture” to be whisked away when, according to many of these same teachers, the Holy Spirit — the One who convicts the world of sin, and of righteousness, and of judgment (John 16:8-11) — would also be removed from the earth along with all Christians?  Well, hold your breath brothers and sisters because some of you may be surprised to hear this — it’s wrong.  Oh, it’s all in the text, but many of us haven’t read what’s all in the text. Read more…

Dreaded Alga Bloom May Be Headed for Lake Whitney, Texas

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“LAKE WHITNEY – A toxic golden alga bloom that has killed over 80,000 fish in Lake Granbury since the first week of January appears to be headed down the Brazos River toward Lake Whitney, according to the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

The TPWD Kills and Spills team and the Brazos River Authority have been conducting weekly fish kill investigations since early January. At the beginning of the month, the estimated number of dead fish due to the kill was 82,418.

TPWD reports that around 82 percent of the fish were non-game species. Affected species have been freshwater drum, channel catfish, flathead catfish, white crappie, white bass, largemouth bass, striped bass, various sunfish species, gar, gizzard shad, threadfin shad and others.

On March 5, Somervell County Game Warden Joni Kuykendall was notified of a fish kill on the Brazos River below Lake Granbury. An investigation into that fish kill has begun.

It is suspected that the toxic golden alga bloom is now in the Brazos River, affecting some 50 miles of river between Lake Granbury and Lake Whitney. Results are pending a water sample taken to check for the presence and toxicity of golden alga in the river.”  Read more.

Thailand Declares 333 Districts as Drought Disaster Zones

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“Thailand is undergoing the pangs of drought with Thailand’s Department of Disaster Prevention and Mitigation declaring 333 districts under 45 provinces across the country as drought disaster zones, Thursday.

A total of 6 million people in 21,888 villages have been affected and 1,726,737 rai of farmland has been scorched.

According to Bangkok Post, in the North Province, Kampangpetch, Chiang Rai, Lamphun, Phayao, Uttaradit, Lampang, Nan, Nakhon Sawan, Phrae, Sukhothai, Tak, Petchabun, Uthai Thani, Phitsanulok, Chiang Mai, Mae Hong Son and Phichit have been affected.

In the Northeast province, Udon Thani, Loei, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani, Mukdaharn, Nong Bua Lamphu, Khon Kaen, Mahasarakam, Sakon Nakhon, Si Sa Ket, Surin, Chaiyaphum and Amnart Charoen have been affected.

Central Plain drought affected regions: Prachuap Khiri Khan, Petchaburi, Sara Buri, Samut Prakan and Kanchanaburi.

Eastern Thailand drought affected regions: Chachoengsao, Trat, Chantaburi, Sa Kaeo, Rayong, Chonburi and Nakhon Nayok are affected.”  Source.


Thousands of Fish Killed in Ravenna Lake, Nebraska

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“RAVENNA — Additional investigation has shown the number of fish killed at Ravenna Lake recently was much greater than previously documented.

A second investigation conducted March 16, when all the ice was off the lake, showed about 3,800 dead fish, including about 450 largemouth bass, 3,100 bluegills and 200 channel catfish, according to a press release from the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission’s Kearney office.

The previous investigation March 4 had counted only 250 dead fish.

Most of the bass were 10 to 20 inches long. The bluegills were 8 to 10 inches and the catfish were 20 to 28 inches. The increase in dead fish indicates nearly a complete kill of the fish population in Ravenna Lake, the release said.”  Source.

‘Winter Fish Kill’ Reported at Swan Lake, Iowa

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By Jason Gruszecka – “Carroll, Iowa — The Iowa Department of Natural Resources is reporting that melting ice across Iowa waters is revealing some Winter Fish Kills. Numerous reports of dead fish in lakes and ponds are being reported to the DNR as ice is melting. One of the five lakes reporting the winter fish kill is Swan Lake in Carroll. Winter kills happen when a combination of ice and snow blocks sunlight from reaching oxygen producing aquatic plants.”  Read more.

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Hundreds of Dead Starfish Wash Up on Talybont Beach, British Isles

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“Several hundred dead starfish have been found washed up on a north Wales beach.

It comes following the discovery at Talybont, between Harlech and Barmouth in Gwynedd.

Council maritime officer Barry Davies said it is common for starfish to be washed ashore during spring tides but it was not clear why they had migrated so far up the shoreline.

Barmouth harbour committee chairman said an inquiry is needed.

Councillor Trefor Roberts said: ‘What I would like is a full scientist report on what caused the deaths of these starfish.’

Mr Davies said he did not think anything suspicious has led to the deaths of the starfish.

He said that the common starfish – found around the UK coast – feed on mussels and other crustaceans and while there is no clear reason why the starfish migrated so far along the coast he felt one reason could be a shortage of food.”  Read more.

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