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Everett, Washington Neighborhood Is Sinking

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You ever get that sinking feeling?

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Hundreds of Islamists Throw Stones at Egypt’s El Baradei

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A revolution by the people, for the people … and by ‘people’ I mean Islamists.

“CAIRO – Hundreds of Islamists hurled stones at secular opposition figure Mohamed ElBaradei as he went to cast his ballot in a referendum in Egypt’s capital on Saturday, an AFP reporter said.

‘We don’t want you,’ they shouted, forcing the former UN nuclear watchdog chief to retreat to his car and leave, but not before being hit by at least one stone in the back and drenched with water.”  Read more.


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Prager University: The Middle East Problem

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Radical Islam says, “We love death as much as the Jews love life.”  God says, “All those who hate me love death.” (Proverbs 8:36).

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Report: Persecution of Christians Getting Worse, Particularly from Rise of Radical Islam

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“THE persecution of Christians world­wide has worsened dramat­ically in the past few years, a new report by a Roman Catholic aid agency suggests.

Persecuted and Forgotten?, from Aid to the Church in Need, says that Christians are facing increased suf­fer­ing in 22 countries around the world, and that Iraq, Egypt, Leb­anon, Pakistan, and Nigeria are some of the worst countries in which to be a Christian today.

The rise of militant Islam poses a particular threat to Christians, the report suggests. It also highlights a rise in nationalism in India, Sri Lanka, and Burma, and the intimidation of Christian groups in communist states such as Venezuela.

A spokesman for Aid to the Church in Need, John Pontifex, said: ‘Extremists increasingly link local Christians in their countries to the West. As they are in most cases unable to attack Western countries direct, many extremists turn their fire on local Christians.’

Three years ago, the charity was concerned that Christianity in the Middle East was sliding into ob­scurity; now, it fears that it is in danger of being extinguished al­to­gether.”  Read more.

Last Years Gulf Oil Spill May Be Contributing to Marine Mammal Deaths

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“Mar 18, 2011 – Scientists investigate the cause of nearly 90 bottlenose dolphins in 2011

Though talk of the April, 2010 oil spill has lessened, the repercussions continue to surface. After an estimated 206 million gallons of oil spewed into the gulf nearly a year ago, the damage was inevitable. Despite the decrease in oil spill coverage, the bottlenose dolphin has recently been thrust into the oil spill spotlight due to an alarming study. So far this year 87 dead dolphins have washed up along the shorelines of the Gulf Coast; half of these deaths belong to premature, aborted, or stillborn dolphins. This number is alarming in itself, but it is especially alarming since it is 12 times higher than typical numbers at this time of year.

Experts are performing investigations to determine if the deaths are linked to the massive oil spill, the unusually cold winter, or some other cause yet to be discovered. Both the oil spill and the chemicals used to fight it and the cold winter can create a cumulative negative effect. Animals’ immune systems are weakened by chemical exposure thus decreasing their ability to adapt to cold weather. This combination can lead to an increase in infections that potentially lead to death.”  Read more.

Hundreds of Dead Fish Pop Up in Millers Pond, New York

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“Elmira, N.Y. — Hundreds of dead fish have floated to the surface in one Elmira pond.

The dead fish on Millers pond were first spotted yesterday.

Officials say the cause of death is winterkill.

The DEC says winterkill happens when ice and snow prevent sunlight from entering the pond.

It prevents aquatic plants from producing oxygen, which kills the fish.

But some neighbors aren’t convinced. Kerri Munley of Parkway Drive says, ‘To me it’s not something that seems right but with everything happening around the world, we got fish dying and birds dropping out of the sky, who knows what it is.'”  Read more.

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Great Lakes Phosphorus Levels Rising, Report Warns

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“A mysterious resurgence of phosphorus in the Great Lakes is endangering the aquatic food chain and human health, says a binational agency that advises Canada and the U.S.

Fifteen years after the last programs to control phosphorus runoff ended, the International Joint Commission urged on Wednesday a renewed effort to get the oxygen-depleting chemical out of the water.

The call to action was one of 32 recommendations the commission made to both governments in its biennial report on the state of the Great Lakes at Detroit’s Wayne State University.”  Read more.

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Hamas Launches 50+ Rockets Against Israel, Israel Strikes Back

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“Israel struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip on Saturday, after a barrage of over 50 rockets were fired into southern Israel earlier in the day.

The Israeli air strikes on Gaza wounded five Hamas security officers and a boy, Gaza medics said.

Two Israelis were wounded and a home was damaged by the rockets fired from Gaza earlier in the day. Saturday morning’s bombardment was the heaviest one launched by Gaza militants for months.

Hamas which rules the Gaza Strip, claimed responsibility for firing 10 of Saturday’s mortars, an unusual move after a long period in which it had let other smaller militant groups do its bidding.”  Read more.

Qaddafi: U.N. Resolution Is ‘Invalid’; Rebels Inadvertently Shoot Down Own Plane

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“Libyan forces struck Saturday at the heart of the rebellion against Muammar al-Qaddafi, shelling the outskirts of the rebel capital and launching airstrikes in defiance of international demands for a halt to the fighting.

Muammar al-Qadhafi called the United Nations resolution authorizing international military intervention in Libya as ‘invalid.’

The Libyan leader says he sent a message to President Barack Obama defending his decision to attack rebel cities: ‘If you found them taking over American cities by the force of arms, tell me what you would do.'”  Read more.

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