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Mold Mystery Surrounds San Francisco Bird Deaths

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“Western gulls have been dying at an alarming rate over the past decade at San Francisco’s industrial Pier 94, and preliminary results of a state investigation that found deadly mold inside the bird’s lungs are only deepening the mystery surrounding the carnage.

Bird rescuers who recover sick and dying gulls every other day or so from a small industrial patch of waterfront land have long blamed a Darling International-run rendering operation for the deaths.

But, in new findings that are disputed by the bird rescuers, a preliminary California Department of Fish and Game investigation cleared the facility of responsibility for most of the deaths.”  Read more.

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Antichrist: Leader Of A One-World Government?

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Many Christians today believe that when Antichrist is revealed the world will suddenly experience some form of global governance virtually overnight, controlled by a man who will be worshiped as God himself.  Although there are a few verses in Scripture that may appear to give credence to the idea that the entire earth will be overcome by the last-days Antichrist at first glance, the whole of Scripture supports neither the idea of a “One World Government” (OWG) ruled by Antichrist, nor the idea of an end-of-days leader who controls literally every last nation on the earth.

Many popular teachers of Biblical eschatology who support the idea of a OWG and Antichrist who controls the political and religious dictates of all the nations of the world will agree, at the very least, that the last portion of Daniel 11 from verses 36 and beyond all refer to the final years leading up to the Second Coming of Christ.  What they fail to consider, however, are the following questions that should be obvious to anyone who holds to both of these positions: Read more…

Muslim Students Association in America: “Jihad Is My Spirit … I Will Die To Establish Islam”

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Straight from the horse’s mouth …

The Muslim Student Association’s pledge is a restatement of the Muslim Brotherhood’s credo, which states “Allah is our objective.  The Prophet is Our Leader.   Qur’an is Our Law.  Jihad is Our Way.  Dying in the Way of Allah is Our Highest Hope.”

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Muslim World: Revolution! (For Muslim Arabs Only)

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“People have taken to the streets in Arab countries to topple repressive regimes and set up democratic governments – such is the consensus in the West. But will these new Arab democracies, should they ever come into being, embody significant changes regarding non-Muslim or non- Arab minorities? Discrimination against the other – the one who is not a Muslim Arab – or the refusal to accept the other, is one of the more complex political and ethical issues in the Middle East and North Africa, even though it is rarely mentioned.

Now that a revolutionary wave is sweeping across the Arab world, one must ask whether the revolution is for all or for Muslim Arabs alone.”  Read more.

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Egyptian Children’s TV Show: We Must Liberate Jerusalem from ‘the Disgusting Jews’

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King David didn’t rule over Kansas.  They have it backwards.  We need to liberate children from this disgusting ideology.

“TV host: ‘Let’s see how we should answer the disgusting Jews, who say that Jerusalem belongs to them. What proof do we have that Jerusalem is Islamic? We tell our friends that… Am I making you fall asleep, Mr. Sa’d, or what? Wake up Sa’d… Have a carrot… First of all, we tell the Jews that the Arabs lived in the blessed city of Jerusalem, more than 2,000 years before the first Jew settled in there.

‘2,000 is a very big number. Not one year, not two, not ten, not a hundred – 2,000 years. That’s the first thing. We tell them that the Arabs lived in Jerusalem 2,000 years before the first Jew set foot in it. Okay? Okay! [..]”  Read more.

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Trace Levels of Radioactive Fallout From Japan Reaches California

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Not to worry, it smells like fresh air.  At this distance there is no risk to people in California.

“A network of international monitoring stations has begun to pick up the signatures of radioactive elements emitted by Japan’s crippled Fukushima nuclear plant, a Swedish official said Thursday.

At high, sustained doses, these radioactive elements—including iodine and cesium—can be dangerous to human health.

However, the amounts released from the plant so far are small, and are largely being dispersed over the Pacific.

Currently, ‘they don’t pose a danger’ to the U.S. or even other Asian countries, said Lars-Erik De Geer, research director at the Swedish Defense Research Institute, who has seen the data from the monitoring stations.”  Read more.

Indonesia Issues Red Alert as Volcano Erupts

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“JAKARTA— Indonesia issued a red alert Friday after Mount Karangetang on the island of Sulawesi erupted, sending lava and searing gas clouds down its slopes, a volcanologist said.

‘We raised the volcano’s status to the highest red alert level today at 5:45 pm (1045GMT) and ordered an evacuation in three villages on the slopes,’ government volcanologist Surono told AFP.

He said that the 1,784-meter (5,850-foot) mountain on the sparsely-populated island off North Sulawesi oozed lava, heat clouds and debris reaching as far as 3,800 meters away down its slopes.

‘The eruption is still going on and its current activity remains high,’ he said.” Read more.

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Japanese Volcanic Blast Shatters Windows for Miles

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“The strongest activity at southern Japan’s Shinmoedake volcano in 52 years shattered windows four miles away, sending hundreds of people fleeing the area.

Ash and other volcanic debris soared more than 6,000 feet into the atmosphere above Kyushu Island, about 950 miles from the epicenter of the catastrophic 9.0 magnitude quake off Honshu two days earlier.

Officials said it was unclear if the volcanic blast was related to the temblor.

Shinmoedake’s last blast was on Feb. 1. Its rumblings resumed on Jan. 19 after the peak had remained dormant for two years.”  Read more.

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