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Radical Islamists Gaining Public Support in the Middle East

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A recent Pew poll on public attitudes toward Islamism in Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Turkey shows that the radical Islamist side is winning.  Read more.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s Cover-Up

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The Islamist group is trying to clean up its image, most recently by deleting its objectives from its English-language website. Al-Qaeda does its enemy a favor with its honesty. The Muslim Brotherhood does not make the same mistake. It is more politically savvy and aware of how it can manipulate the minds of Westerners with soft language..  Read more.

Muslims taking poor, Christians as slaves in Sudan, force them to convert to Islam

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Quote: “Thousands, perhaps tens of thousands, are still held in bondage … deprived for food … branded like cattle … Amuk Koch says he was ordered to convert to Islam or face death. They gave him an Arab name …”

9 Christians Killed, 150 Injured in Attack By 15,000 Muslims and Egyptian Army

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According to Father Abram Fahmy, pastor of St. Simon the Tanner Monastery in Mokatam Hills, on the outskirts of Cairo, Copts were killed and injured today in a fresh attack by Muslims. It was reported the Egyptian army fired live ammunition on Copts. The attack has claimed until now the lives of 9 Copts and injured 150, 45 seriously.  Read more.

Imam preaching hatred towards Christian and Jews loses bid to stay in Germany

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An Egyptian-born imam lost a court fight Wednesday to stave off his expulsion from Germany after he was accused of preaching hatred towards Christians and Jews. The superior administrative tribunal in Muenster, northern Germany, agreed to a federal government demand to strip his political asylum. Read more.

‘According to Islam, A Woman Can Never be Equal to a Man’ say Islamists

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Stating that a woman never be equal to man ‘according to Islam’, Islamist parties in Bangladesh have called for a daylong strike next month to protest the government’s Women’s Development Policy 2011.  Read more.

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Islamists Dominate DOJ’s List of Terror Prosecutions

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Though Muslims represent about 1% of the American population, they constitute defendants in 186 of the 228 cases DOJ lists. More than 80% of all convictions tied to international terrorist groups and homegrown terrorism since 9/11 involve defendants driven by a radical Islamist agenda.  Read more.

Thousands of Ethiopian Christians Displaced by Muslim Extremists

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An estimated 10,000 Christians have been forced to flee from their homes in western Ethiopia after a series of attacks by Muslim extremists, says Barnabas Fund. The attacks were carried out on the Christian community after Muslims accused a Christian of desecrating a copy of the Koran.  Read more.

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