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Christian Annihilation – The Iraq War’s Collateral Damage

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“Today, the sad realization is that years of failure to protect vulnerable Iraqi Christians has resulted in the near extinction of one of the oldest and most vibrant Christian communities in world.”  Read more.

Doctor: Disaster in Gulf is a “Significant Health Threat” for Visitors to the South

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Doctor: “It’s not just the acute effect that happens close to the exposure, but more importantly the long-term effects from being exposed to these agents. Some of them are stored in your body for a long time and can lead to … brain degeneration, heart disease, diabetes, cancer …”

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Charter Boat Captain Catches ZERO Tuna During Peak of Season at Famous Gulf Hot Spot

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Captain: “This is, I think, in my opinion far worse than Katrina and is affecting many, many, many more people than any other thing that has happened down south before … as a charter boat captain my business is gone completely to nothing …”

Gaza Assailants Plant Bomb Under Christians Car

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“A prominent Christian surgeon in the Gaza Strip said assailants threw a bomb at his vehicle and sent him threatening messages.

Dr. Maher Ayyad, 55, says no one was hurt in Friday’s bombing, though the explosion damaged his brother’s vehicle.

He said Sunday that after the blast, he received text messages to halt evangelical work or face harsh punishment.”  Read more.

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More Marine Lake Swans Hit by Mystery Illness, at Least 7 Dead and 29 in Critical Condition

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“A FURTHER 17 swans have been taken off the Marine Lake due to a mystery illness.

The total number of swans removed from the water in 10 days is now 36, with at least seven dead and the rest in critical conditions.

The ill birds are being looked after at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire. Post-mortem examinations are also being carried out.

Volunteers from the RSPCA have been working together with Southport Swan Rescue to save the remaining birds on the lake.

RSPCA inspector Ian Robertson said: ‘This is getting up to a third of all the swans in the lake in a space of time that isn’t even two weeks.

All we know so far is that it is a bacterial problem.'” Read more.

Many Carcasses of Birds Found On, Along Route 222 in Pennsylvania

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“Janeen Grell peered out of her car window Sunday and noticed a bunch of little black things lying along Route 222 in Spring Township.

‘What’s that?’ she said to her husband.

‘Oh, my God,’ she said an instant later. ‘They’re birds.’

Grell, 37, of Reinholds estimated that 50 to 100 black birds were lying dead on or along the highway, just north of the ramp from Route 724.

Just what killed so many birds in such a concentrated area remains a mystery.”  Read more.


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Largest Earthquake Since 1969 Rattles Arkansas

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“According the the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a preliminary magnitude 4.7 hit 4 miles northeast of Greenbrier just after 11:00 p.m.

It was felt across the state as well as into Missouri and Mississippi. Two aftershocks where reported afterwards, a 3.8 magnitude then a 3.6 magnitude.

So far, there have been no reports of damage or injuries.”  Read more.

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