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Food Prices to Rise as Sysco Invokes ‘Act of God’ Clause for Food Supply

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Americans can expect food prices to rise massively over the next few weeks to months as the harsh weather effectively destroyed the Mexican winter crops.  Read more.

Scientists Discover Giant Holes in the Sun

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A Japanese satellite has captured images showing two huge holes in the Sun’s outer atmosphere, the solar corona, which are blasting solar material into space.  Read more.

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We Have Major Food Crisis on Our Hands

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Many major crops were destroyed in catasrophes that happened last year and this year, Russia, Australia or Brazil to name the few were all influenced by catasrophic natural events.  Read more.

North Korea ‘Preparing for Eruption of Mt. Baekdu

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North Korea has started preparing for a possible eruption of Mt. Baekdu, Radio Free Asia reported Wednesday. Quoting sources in Ryanggang Province, North Korea, the station said two geography professors of Kim Jung-suk University of Education involved in a Mt. Baekdu expedition team have recently been to Pyongyang to attend a seminar on Mt. Baekdu volcanic activity.  Read more.

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