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Mexico loses 80-100% of Crops to Freeze, US Prices to Skyrocket

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The cold weather experienced across much of the US in early February made its way deep into Mexico and early reports estimate 80-100 percent crop losses which are having an immediate impact on prices at US grocery stores with more volatility to come.  Read more.

Seal Sickness Strikes UK Breeding Grounds: Vets Treat Double Usual Number

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The sickness, which has baffled experts, leaves the animals weak, starving and barely able to breathe. Most of the casualties are pups, spotted struggling on Norfolk’s sandy beaches by passers by.  Read more.

More than 100 dead birds spotted near Lake Charles, Louisiana

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LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC-TV) – The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries is trying to figure out what caused the death of hundreds of birds in south Lake Charles.  Read more.

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Food Crisis 2011? 14 Disturbing Facts That Make You Wonder If The Coming Global Food Shortage Has Already Begun

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Will 2011 be the year that we point to as the beginning of the great global food crisis?  Food prices are soaring, supplies are very tight and already we have seen some very intense food protests flare up around the globe this year.  When people don’t have enough to eat, they tend to become very desperate, and unfortunately it looks like the global food situation is not going to improve much any time soon.  Right now the world is really struggling to feed itself, and with each passing day there are even more mouths to feed.  Read more.

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