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Christian Annihilation – The Iraq War’s Collateral Damage

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“Today, the sad realization is that years of failure to protect vulnerable Iraqi Christians has resulted in the near extinction of one of the oldest and most vibrant Christian communities in world.”  Read more.

Doctor: Disaster in Gulf is a “Significant Health Threat” for Visitors to the South

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Doctor: “It’s not just the acute effect that happens close to the exposure, but more importantly the long-term effects from being exposed to these agents. Some of them are stored in your body for a long time and can lead to … brain degeneration, heart disease, diabetes, cancer …”

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Charter Boat Captain Catches ZERO Tuna During Peak of Season at Famous Gulf Hot Spot

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Captain: “This is, I think, in my opinion far worse than Katrina and is affecting many, many, many more people than any other thing that has happened down south before … as a charter boat captain my business is gone completely to nothing …”

Gaza Assailants Plant Bomb Under Christians Car

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“A prominent Christian surgeon in the Gaza Strip said assailants threw a bomb at his vehicle and sent him threatening messages.

Dr. Maher Ayyad, 55, says no one was hurt in Friday’s bombing, though the explosion damaged his brother’s vehicle.

He said Sunday that after the blast, he received text messages to halt evangelical work or face harsh punishment.”  Read more.

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More Marine Lake Swans Hit by Mystery Illness, at Least 7 Dead and 29 in Critical Condition

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“A FURTHER 17 swans have been taken off the Marine Lake due to a mystery illness.

The total number of swans removed from the water in 10 days is now 36, with at least seven dead and the rest in critical conditions.

The ill birds are being looked after at Stapeley Grange Wildlife Centre in Cheshire. Post-mortem examinations are also being carried out.

Volunteers from the RSPCA have been working together with Southport Swan Rescue to save the remaining birds on the lake.

RSPCA inspector Ian Robertson said: ‘This is getting up to a third of all the swans in the lake in a space of time that isn’t even two weeks.

All we know so far is that it is a bacterial problem.'” Read more.

Many Carcasses of Birds Found On, Along Route 222 in Pennsylvania

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“Janeen Grell peered out of her car window Sunday and noticed a bunch of little black things lying along Route 222 in Spring Township.

‘What’s that?’ she said to her husband.

‘Oh, my God,’ she said an instant later. ‘They’re birds.’

Grell, 37, of Reinholds estimated that 50 to 100 black birds were lying dead on or along the highway, just north of the ramp from Route 724.

Just what killed so many birds in such a concentrated area remains a mystery.”  Read more.


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Largest Earthquake Since 1969 Rattles Arkansas

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“According the the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), a preliminary magnitude 4.7 hit 4 miles northeast of Greenbrier just after 11:00 p.m.

It was felt across the state as well as into Missouri and Mississippi. Two aftershocks where reported afterwards, a 3.8 magnitude then a 3.6 magnitude.

So far, there have been no reports of damage or injuries.”  Read more.

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Psychologist: Western Quran Schools Are “Terrorist Factories”

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By Dr. Nicolai Sennels, Europe News – “How to turn normal human beings into murderous and hateful psychopaths who blindly obey their totalitarian systems and its authorities suppressing and killing innocent people? In short: How to create a terrorist?

Violent and murderous political, ethnic and religious regimes have used the same effective methods throughout history all over the world. The procedure consists of two simple steps that are repeated again and again:

1) You force a person to repeat the system’s doctrine again and again for months and years until he or she knows every word by heart and it pervades his or her whole way of thinking and it is the only truth they believe in.

2) You beat and scare the person (best if this is done randomly and severely), thus forcing him or her to become insensitive and unempathic in order to be able to bare the physical and psychological suffering and in order to increase feelings of anger, frustration and fear – feelings that are then directed against the system’s enemies.

In this way you will create a person whose whole being is pervaded by the system’s doctrine and who has lost the ability to feel both his own and others’ pain. You will have an emotionally cold person that blindly follows his authorities and their political or religious doctrine. If you use this method on a child who is in the process of developing its personality, the learned doctrine will simply become a part of the child’s personality. The psychological impact of the physical abuse will also be deeper. As children and youth are dependent on acceptance from adults, they are easier to influence.

Being a child psychologist I was shocked to realise that this is exactly what is done to millions of Muslim children in both the Muslim world and the West. Tens of thousand of madrassas and Quranic schools all over the world are making their students repeat the Quran and the Hadiths again and again, until they know them by heart. They are told to believe every word and never to question neither the way nor the goal.

It is normal in these schools that the defenceless and innocent children are randomly beaten and humiliated by the teachers and older students – who themselves are emotionally destroyed beings who have been abused the same way as they now use against their pupils. They personify the goal: The abused becomes the abuser.

Britain has more than 2,000 madrassas, where more than 200,000 children aged from four to their mid-teens are taught the Quran on weekday evenings.

Investigations show that extreme violence is common in the British madrassas: ‘Students have been slapped, punched and had their ears twisted, according to an unpublished report by an imam based on interviews with victims in the north of England. One was ‘picked up by one leg and spun around’ while another said a madrassa teacher was ‘kicking my head – like a football’ … Hiba, 7, was slapped across the face so hard by her madrassa teacher that her ear was cut. It later became inflamed and she had to have emergency medical treatment.’ The teachers are reported to punish the children whenever they mispronounce a word or forget a verse of the Quran. One private investigator reported that ‘the victims had grown to accept the abuse. ‘They all joked about it. There’s a culture that accepts it.”

Another investigation disclosed that the children are taught to hate non-Muslims: ‘‘You’re not like the non-Muslims out there,’ the teacher says, gesturing towards the window. ‘All that evil you see in the streets, people not wearing the hijab properly, people smoking . . . you should hate it, you should hate walking down that street.’’ The same investigation reports that during less than three hours of lessons the teacher Read more…

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Stop Opening Churches to Muslims

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“Islamic prayers cursing Christians and Jews have no place in chapel.

Last week, Fox News posted a report that Heartsong Church in Cordova, Tenn., and Aldersgate United Methodist Church near Alexandria, Va., have made their church buildings available to Muslims to use as places of worship.

Critics of these outreach initiatives, such as Mike Huckabee, have been accused of ignorance. However, the contents of Muslim prayers and teachings about Isa, the Islamic Jesus, give reasonable grounds for churches to reject such arrangements.”  Read more.

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About 1000 Ducks Found Dead on a Farm, South Korea

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“About 1,000 ducks found dead earlier this week at a farm in southern South Korea were confirmed Saturday to have been infected with a highly pathogenic strain of avian influenza, raising concern that the lethal virus is spreading in the country, officials said.

The H5A1 virus was found on the duck farm in Damyang county of South Jeolla Province, about 350 kilometers south of Seoul, quarantine officials said.”  Read more.

Iceland Goes Into Seismic Convulsion – 400 Earthquakes in 24 hours

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“After four days of continues earthquake activity it appears that Krísuvík volcano has stepped up it’s activity by a order of magnitude. Since midnight there have been over 400 earthquakes in Krísuvík volcano. The activity is continuing when this is written and does not show any signs of slowing down at this moment. Geologist in Iceland are expecting more earthquakes in this area over the next hours and even earthquakes that are larger then ML3.0 in size.”  Read more.

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Very Ugly Attack by Egyptian Islamic Army Tanks on St. Bishoy Coptic Monastery

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Warning: May contain disturbing images.

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